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The legacy of the Metallurgical Engineering Department By Padmapreetha (2015- 2019 , B.E. Metallurgical Engineering) On a fine morning on March 18, 2017, the Department of Metallurgical Engineering hosted WOOTZ, a national level technical symposium. ‘Wootz’ is the name of an ancient steel primarily discovered and used by Indians, which is now used across the world. This year’s Wootz was the 8  edition of the two day symposium, which served as a great platform for students from various other institutions. This symposium is organized by the joint effort of Metallurgical Engineering Department, Metallurgical Engineering Association (MTEA) and Indian Institute of Metals (IIM), Students chapter, Coimbatore. While workshops and speaker series by top industrialists along with the prelims for a set of events were scheduled for day one, the finals of various technical and fun filled events was scheduled for day two. J block witnessed passionate students eagerly participating in the events organized.   The inaugural ceremony was graced by the Chief guest, Mr. Laxmesh B. Hasanabadi, Head,Precision Manufacturing and System Complex, Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Dr. V. Ramaswamy, Chairman, IIM, Coimbatore Chapter welcomed the chief guest and the gathering which was followed by a brief account on the history of Wootz – both the steel and the symposium by Dr. P .Gopalakrishnan, HOD, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, PSG College of Technology.   Mr. Hasanabadi addressed the enthusiastic audience in the first plenary session. He gave a lot of insights and points to ponder over, where the future of engineering was heading to and how material and metallurgy are shaping the Defense and Aerospace domains in the current day scenario. He... read more

Annual Sports Day 2017

An overview of the annual gathering by the Sportspersons of PSG Tech By Anjali M (MSc. Software Systems, 2015-2020) Photos by Ramanathan Kasiviswanathan (B.E. Robotics 2016-2020) And Karthick Balaji (B.Tech. Information Technology, 2014-18) It was a bright, sunny day and several sportspeople of PSG Tech assembled at the Boys’ Hostel ground at 8 am, to be a part of the Annual Sports Day. The day started off with 6 talented athletes passing the Olympic Torch around the perimeter of the ground, followed by the Captain’s Oath being taken. The Principal of PSG College of Technology, Dr. R. Rudramoorthy hoisted the National Flag and declared the Sports Meet open. The prize distribution for the differently-abled sportspeople and athletics ensued. All the winners of the past year gleefully received their medals and certificates from the prestigious physical directors of CIT and staff members who constituted the dais. Later, the students dispersed for lunch.   The evening session began with the Chief Guest, Mr. P. Suresh, addressing the gathering. An alumnus of PSG Tech, Mr. Suresh (B.E. CSE) was the Sports Secretary of 2002. The march-past followed. All the sports teams, led by their captains, marched around the ground synchronously. The audience feasted their eyes on this manoeuvre and encouraged them with enthusiastic cheering and clapping.  The 100 meters race and the prize distribution for Intramural games that followed kept the spectators on their toes. The overall championship trophy for men was awarded to the final years. The second year girls bagged the overall championship for women. The Star Sports Persons’ award was awarded to 20 deserving players.   The Annual Sports Report... read more


Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create one. By P.Gokulanand (B.E. Mechanical Engineering, 2016-20) The plethora of job opportunities that exist today may satisfy those who require the basic wealth to support their daily lives. Many have ambitions to get a job inMulti National Companies. But those intrepid few who  dream big and need a distinction of their own, are whom the world calls entrepreneurs. They did not just descend from the skies. They had to endure through humble and sometimes even harsh beginnings. These ‘Doers’ influence governments and inspire billions around the world. Coimbatore is one among the most fertile grounds for entrepreneurship in the country. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of the DNA of its citizens. To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students and to create a platform for them to interact with India’s leading entrepreneurs, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Coimbatore and the global entrepreneurship organization TiE, Coimbatore jointly organized a one-day conclave – JUMPSTART. PSG was the  technology partner of this prestigious conference. It was held on 9/3/17 at Hotel Le Meridien, Coimbatore. The conclave was inaugurated with a welcome address by Mrs.Vanitha Mohan,  President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Coimbatore. She is the first woman president in the 87 years of the ICCI . She is also the founder of the well renowned NGO, Siruthuli which works to rejuvenate the water resources of Coimbatore. She spoke about how Coimbatore has transformed into an industrial hub of Tamilnadu. She also said that entrepreneurship is in the DNA of Coimbatorians . Inspired by the Prime Minister’s ‘Startup India Standup India” initiative, the ICCI strives... read more

Of, By and For the Entrepreneurs

A detailed summary of E-NEXT 2017 held on the 17th and 18th of March ’17 By Nityasri.U (B.E Mechanical Engg, 2016-2020) The city of Coimbatore has always been an active promoter of entrepreneurship. At break of dawn on the 17th of March, PSG Tech seemed to be bustling with aspiring entrepreneurs of the city. With two days packed with pep talks, panel discussions and competitions, E-NEXT had the well-planned recipe for a successful entrepreneurship summit. Day 1: The event was inaugurated by well-known industrialist Mr Abdul Razak, Managing Director of VKC Group of Companies and an alumnus of PSG Tech.“A clear understanding of the trends in the market and a good brand vision are the prerequisites for a successful business”, said Mr.Razak. He cited his own company as an example and explained how a proper analysis of the consumer requirements helped his firm grow into the country’s largest manufacturer of footwear. The inaugural ceremony was followed by a talk by Mr Ramesh Babu, the Billionaire Barber. From managing his small saloon to owning a large fleet of 64 luxury cars (that includes Rolls Royce’s Ghost, Ford’s Mustang and Mercedes’ Maybach), Mr Babu’s rags to riches story was extremely inspirational. “To be successful, you have to be patient till the right opportunity comes“, said Mr Babu, as a tip for the youngsters. From reluctantly taking over his late father’s saloon in his late teens, to buying his first Omni at the age of eighteen and buying a Mercedes E-class during 2003, Mr Babu’s talk garnered hoots of whistles and applause every few minutes. Today, he runs one of the country’s finest private... read more

Dance till you drop

An insight into the highly-acclaimed 21 Dance Studio By Harshini.T (BE SW EEE, 2016-2021) As I entered the 21 dance studio, I was greeted with the sight of the girls from PSG Tech setting the dance floor on fire! I stood there transfixed, blown away by their coordination and grace. The name “21 dance studio” has a story behind. ”There is a myth that our soul weighs 21 grams; when we die, our body loses 21 grams signifying the soul. Dance is the hidden language of the soul; hence the name.” said R. PRABHU (B.E METALLURGY 2008-2012), the owner of the dance studio. “Dance is a conversation between the body and the soul. It is just like a poem in which each movement is a word”. A huge fan of Mr Rajinikanth, Prabhu started dancing at the age of 7. What amazed me most was the fact that Prabhu never had any kind of formal training. He learnt dancing by watching YouTube video lessons. Over the years, he has gained expertise in various forms of dance such as hip hop, urban and folk. However, his personal favourite is free style with popping animations. Having performed at more than 70-80 dance shows himself, he now choreographs dances for a number of school and college going students. As he recalled his college days, Prabhu expressed how he enjoyed the four years he spent at PSG Tech. With a huge smile, he thanked his physics teacher Mrs. Brindha, who had been a pillar of support to him during his days. He felt nostalgic about the technical symposiums and art works he was a... read more


  A day of pride for the Techians By  Harshini.T (BE SW EEE 2016-2017) At around 3’o clock in the afternoon, the classrooms were emptying, no one was found to be in the canteen too; everyone seemed to be in a hurry and all the paths seemed to lead to the F block. The excitement and swift movement was due to the TECH day event, which was about to start soon. TECH DAY is a very special day for all Techians. It’s the day when parents realize that their kids have grown to become responsible men and women. It is a day of recognition for those who have worked hard and excelled through the years and for a few others it’s the day they get to have free snacks and ice cream. Hosting the event, were the members of the students’ council, well dressed in formal attire. The event started with a warm welcome address by Ms.L.Swarna Lakshmi, Associate of Students Union. Subsequently, Mr.Nandhagopal, Chairperson, Students Union, gave a detailed report on the student activities of the year 2016-17.   Next, the dais was taken by our principal Dr.R.Rudramoorthy who elaborated on the Tech day. He talked about the Alumni congress and the various funds they’re donating for the welfare of the college and it’s students. He also spoke about our student’s active participation in NSS and NCC camps.  And then, our Secretary (Men) of Students Union Mr.U.Sachin Ganesh, gave an introduction to the chief guest and made him feel at home.       For the next few minutes, the stage was taken by our chief guest, Shri.K.Ramasamy,... read more

When Education meets Wanderlust

An excerpt of the interaction with the exchange students from Germany By Nityasri.U (BE MECHANICAL 2016-2020) An ‘exchange program’ is not a year in life; it is life in a year. Exchange programs are an adventure that lets you travel across the oceans to the land you have never been to.   It is a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and also an opportunity to experience independence and responsibility. Of course, it is hard to live away from home, to give up your comforts and to set your feet on the path that is completely alien, but only with sacrifice comes memorable experiences. PSG Tech is one of the few institutions in the state that enjoy the honour of providing such experiences. “Over the years, we have signed MoUs and collaborated with some universities in USA, Australia and Europe, that let our students study one semester abroad. The ‘Study Abroad’ programme provides the much-needed exposure to students and paves way for different career opportunities.”, said Prof.Kanchana, Coordinator, International Programmes, PSG Tech. PSG Institutions not only send their students abroad but also welcome students from other countries to spend few months here. This academic year, PSG hosted its seventh set of exchange students from Germany– four of them -Lukas, Lasse, Lucca and Simon. Lucca, from BergischGladbach, is in his 3rd year of his Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics at the University of Bochum. As a part of his curriculum, he has worked part time for three days a week during the first two years of his Bachelor’s’ degree. Simon attends the Bachelor’s’ program in the Mechanical stream from the University of Bochum. Like... read more

Making a difference in Science and for Science

By R.Prakruthi (B.E. Robotics and Automation, 2015-19) An interview with an alumnus who is behind the invention of brain like memory states in Nano scale materials   Just imagine: You are Iron Man’s apprentice. He desires to upgrade Jarvis’s memory to match that of his brains! Sounds crazy? Well, it has been made possible by one of our alumni! Let me introduce you to Dr. SHARATH SRIRAM(2004 – B.E. Electronic and Communication Engineering), who has invented Nano scale materials that has the ability to store brain like memory states. He is currently an associate professor at the RMIT University, Melbourne campus, Australia and the scientific coordinator of the 30 million dollar Micro Nano Research Facility at the RMIT University. He has also won the prestigious “3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leaders in Science” awarded by the Australian Museum in 2016 for his determination and dedication in the field of science. Presented annually, this award recognizes projects and research studies which are ground breaking in the field of science and technology, also serving humanity a great deal. Dr. SRIRAM was also part of the Executive, Australian Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum, Australian Academy of Science. He has won many awards viz, Has been named as one of the Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers – 2016 Netexplo (UNESCO) Top 100 Innovations of 2016 (for Nano memory cell innovation) Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence – Early Career Researcher Award And the list continues. In spite of his hectic schedule, Dr. Sriram has taken some time off and responded to THE BRIDGE. Here are the excerpts from the email interview: Congrats once again on your achievements! How... read more

The Grand Finale

An overview of the Super Singer Finals 2k17 conducted by Radio Hub By G.Oviya (MSc. Software Systems 2015-2020) Photos by Lokesh (MSc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-19) and Ramanathan Kasiviswanathan (B.E. ROBOTICS,2016-2020)  On Saturday, the 11th of March, the Quadrangle was bustling with students trying to settle in for the much-awaited grand finale of PSG Super Singer 2017. To judge the event, three very talented professors were invited namely, K.Bhuvaneshwari, HOD, Pharmacology, PSG IMSR Muhammad, PSG IMSR P.Suresh Kumar, HOD, English, PSG Tech     The event began with each of them individually performing for the crowd and exhibiting their skills. The Radio Jockeys ,Subash and Sanjay kept the crowd entertained, by building up the suspense as they began introducing each of the top five contestants, which marked the start of Round 1. First on stage, we had Andal performing “VaayaVeera”. Although being the first to start, she took to the stage with a bold performance. Next up, we had Panimalar, who incidentally was one of the previous year’s finalists. Naturally, expectations were high for this one, and she sure did meet them with her soothing performance of “NinaithuNinaithu”. She was followed by Nirmala, who also chose to perform a melody. She was followed by the only male contestant Karunakaran, who pepped it up with a fast number. Last but not the least, for round I, we had Madhumitha, winner of Hostel day 2017, and also the birthday girl. The MCs wished her, and even ushered the crowd to sing her the birthday song!     Radio Hub had a wide variety of performances for us on that chilly evening, for right after Round... read more

Influencing smart career choices

A guide to a better future   By P.Gokulanand (B.E. Mechanical, 2016-20) Photos by Sudarshan Sridhar (M.Sc. Software Systems, 2015-20)           District employment office, Coimbatore’s Model Career Center and PSG College of Technology jointly organized a Career Guidance Seminar on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 at the D-Block conference hall at PSG Tech. The aim of the seminar was to guide the pre-final year students to make smart career choices. Distinguished guests, each an expert in their respective profession had been invited to take part in the seminar. The third year students of all departments eagerly participated in the event.       Before the seminar started, THE BRIDGE got the chance to interact with Tmt. A. LATHA, Regional Joint Director (Employment), Coimbatore and Major. Suresh Kumar, Assistant Director, Ex-Serviceman Welfare Board, Coimbatore. Tmt. A. Latha shared her school and college experiences and how she became the major government official she is today. Being the Regional Employment Officer, she is in charge of the District Employment offices of 8 districts with Coimbatore as the headquarters. The seminar began with a prayer song, followed by the welcome address by our Principal, Dr.R.Rudramoorthy. Our principal spoke about the various job opportunities in the service sector. He also spoke about the various programs organized by the college to train the students for placements as well as entrepreneurial guidance.   The Presidential address was then delivered by Tmt. A Latha. She spoke about the assistance provided by the government through programs like Study Circle that trains graduates who have registered in the District Employment offices to face competitive exams like UPSC and TNPSC at... read more


An insight into a PSG Tech student, Nigin Binish who pedals for a good cause By, Padmapreetha (2015- 2019 , B.E. Metallurgy Engineering)   While everyone is busy with their own problems, N.NIGIN BINISH (M.E Engineering Design, 2015-2017) of our college has been on cycle rides spreading awareness about water conservation and book reading. Hailing from a middle class family in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, Nigin Binish has always had a great passion for cycling.   He went to school on cycle with his elder brother but he never got to ride it. He did his UG in Chennai but because of the hot weather there, he wasn’t able to fulfill his dream of cycling. After coming to Coimbatore for his M.E, he started as a cyclist. He began his first ride from Coimbatore on 16 November,2016 and reached Pondicherry via Dharmapuri and Chennai after seven days. “This first ride was just for an experience”, he said. He had planned a ride covering the whole of TamilNadu, but wasn’t able to make it. His second ride which was from Peelamedu to Tamil Nadu’s highest peak Doddabetta was a ride along hill roads and he completed it successfully in just two days. He has a 7-gear cycle which is not that easy to ride.   He started creating awareness on his third ride which was from Coimbatore to Kanyakumari through Kochi. It was about water conservation. He also has a habit of getting signatures from the people he meets as a support for his mission as souvenirs. During his ride, he did not carry bottled water and managed his needs from... read more


An overview of the Centies Champion’s Trophy-17 By J.Priyankha(M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2015-2020)   Photos by Aravinth M (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018) ,Ramanathan (B.E, Robotics,2016-2020) , Akilesh (B.E Computer Science)   The air reverberating with energy; every eye in the room glued to the black-ribbed orange ball; anticipating, for it to reach its destination – this was the scenario seen during the Quarterfinals of the Centies Champions Trophy-17 held at PSG Tech Indoor Sports Complex on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of February this year. “We are not a team of 11 but we promise that you can find the right meaning of entertainment”, was the tagline of the event. It definitely met its standards – not only was it entertaining, it also portrayed the dedication, perseverance, and determination of every team member present.     For the 1st Centies Championship Trophy, the quarterfinals held on 4th February witnessed two matches – the first between KONGU EC and SREC and the second between PSG TECH and SRI ESHWAR EC. The one between PSG TECH and SRI ESHWAR EC was an exhilarating match. The score in the final quarter was 94-70 paving the way for SRI ESHWAR EC to the finals. Similarly, the 8th Centies Championship Trophy, the quarterfinal between SRIT and KPR was a nail biting match; both the teams were neck to neck until the 3rd quarter and 54-43 in the last quarter. The whole match held the audience captive with its energy bouncing around the stadium.       The finals of the 1st Centies Champion’s trophy was won by BIT, played against KCT (69-60) and that of 8th... read more


Excerpts from an interview of an alumnus working out her dreams in TeamIndus on a flight to put a rover on the surface of the moon and win the famed Google Lunar Xprize By Adithan.K(B.E. Mechanical Engineering, 2014-18) When I heard that J.J. Abrams produced a documentary of TeamIndus featuring an alumnus of our own, Ms.DEEPANA GANDHI (M.E–Control Systems,2011-13),  I was ecstatic and beyond words. From Star Wars to Star Trek, the latest endeavour of his brings to our attention the journey and the struggles of a young woman from Ooty striving to put a robot on the crater-surface of the moon in an ambitious attempt by the tech start-up.     Taking Kalpana Chawla as an inspiration, she decided to put herself in a path aiming for the moon by entering this 10-year project to keep doing what she loves to do. She was pleased to respond to THE BRIDGE amidst her arduous schedule with but a year to their launch, as she explains her desire to inspire people, especially girls, to aim for the skies. “Math when mixed with science – That is beautiful” Q : How would you define Deepana’s pursuit through your own eyes? A Girl with love for all things space and science & full of dreams. Q : Can you elaborate on your work in Team Indus? What were the high points in your career? At TeamIndus, I work in the Flight Dynamics Subsystem (FDS). Our team is responsible for the design and analysis of guidance, navigation and control of the spacecraft from the time it separates from the launch vehicle till it’s touchdown... read more

Being with the ‘Force’

A summary on the Air Fest-2017 conducted by the Indian Air Force By Nityasri U (B.E. Mechanical Engineering, 2016-20)   To choose to fight and protect is brave. To be braver is to do both while flying high. The air fest organised every year provides us a chance to meet these ‘winged’ heroes. On the 18th of January 2017, the Indian Air Force (IAF) hosted the Air Fest at the IAF Station at Sulur for the civilians, especially students. The Air Force station was visited by around 3000 enthusiastic students from various schools and colleges from Coimbatore. The Aero club of PSG Tech, a union of aeronautics enthusiasts, took the initiative to organize a trip to the air fest for interested students. About 67 students from the Aero Club and 60 students from the NCC grabbed the golden opportunity to visit the base. Separate stalls were set up to provide platforms for discovering new career opportunities, inspiring the students and introducing them to the machines and aircraft used by the defense forces.   The Transport Aircraft and Workhorses: The Antonov AN 32, which is the ‘backbone of the IAF’s medium-lift capabilities ‘, was one of the aircrafts stationed at the fest. Made in Russia, it serves as a transport aircraft that is capable of lifting about 6.7 tonnes of mass and has been in delivery since 1984. Yet another transport aircraft, the Hawker Sidley 748 (HS 748), which is locally known as ‘Chitra’, was stationed at the base. It is a multipurpose turboprop aircraft manufactured by the British firm ‘Avro’ and is used for the transportation of troops and... read more

To Patriotism and Pride

The Bridge presents a peek into the proceedings of the 68th Republic Day celebrations.  By S Deepak Arumugam (B.E Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2015-2019) Photos by Ramanathan Kasiviswanathan (B.E ROBOTICS, 2016-2020) and Prem Nishanth N (B.E ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS –SW, 2012-2017) Every year, Republic Day celebrations serve to reassure the significance of patriotism that we Indians take much pride in. To witness the tricolor spread its wings and fly high never ceases to make our hearts swell with unrelenting joy and pride. With the Republic Day celebrations being held on par with those on Independence day, it serves to show the unapologetic faith and respect that we exhibit towards the Constitution of our great country. Following are the proceedings on the event of the 68th Republic Day celebrations held by the National Cadet Corps at PSG College of Technology. With the cadets having welcomed the dignitaries with an awe-inducing parade and the tricolour being hoisted by our principal Dr.R.Rudramoorthy, the air of pride complemented the rhythmic reverberation of the earth on our national anthem. The dignitaries were then  introduced to various squads and their commanders. The parade commander Senior Under Officer M.D.RENJINI sought permission to start the Republic Day parade. Honors were bestowed upon the guests by various squads – namely, the ¼ Tamil Nadu Battalion NCC, PSG Polytechnic College;  5/4 Tamil Nadu Battalion NCC, PSG College of Technology led by Cadet T.PRAVEEN RAJ;  5 Tamil Nadu Girls Battalion NCC, PSG College of Technology led by Cadet Under Officer K.KEERTHANA;  2 Tamil Nadu Composite Technical Company NCC, PSG College of Technology led by Cadet Under Officer R.SANTHOSH KUMAR;  5 Tamil Nadu Air... read more

Success is by choice, not by chance.

An interview with a PSG Tech alumnus who turned into a successful entrepreneur with a bucketload of experience in getting the right composition in a start-up.     By Priyankha J (M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science, 2015-2020) Photos by Suthier (M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-2019) Have you ever had a ‘voilà’ moment in your life? The one idea that randomly pops into your mind either while taking a bath or when flying into ‘la-la land’, sitting in class!   “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who invent them are priceless” This saying by Mary Kay Ash, perfectly summarizes that ideas, when not implemented, go in vain, but ideas when transformed, produce great entrepreneurs.   On the eve of the Silver Jubilee Reunion (`91 `92 batch), 2016, THE BRIDGE had an opportunity to interact with one of the alumni present, Mr.LEELA KAZA (B.E Mechanical(SW), 1987-1992), CEO, Accolite Inc.   How does it feel to be back in campus after 25 years?  It is certainly nostalgic coming back to the  campus after a huge gap. Fortunately, some of our friends have remained connected. We are a class of 42 students out of which about 30 are still connected through WhatsApp. We meet regularly if time permits, but it’s definitely not comparable to this reunion. The reunion is an amalgamation of all disciplines and people who haven’t visited the campus for a long period. The warm interaction with the professors is also a thing to remember. Since ours is a hybrid programme, our reunion should traditionally be held next year, but we are close with BE regular(Mech) and hence, the tradition of BE (SW) participating... read more

Anna University Zonal Level Competition

A report on the PSG Tech’s win in the recently held Anna University Zonal level competition By R Prakruthi (B.E., Robotics and Automation, 2015-19)   Seventeen trophies arranged beautifully at our campus’s A block! People taking selfies with and pictures of them! Each of the trophies bears the proud tag line “Winners” and “Runners”! Just looking at them makes a person want to get sporty and earn one of those. I wanted to quench my curiosity and find out how our fellow students gathered so many honors in sports. That is when I got the opportunity to meet the Head of the Department of Physical Education and Training department Dr. Somasundharam and got to know more about the sports events and achievements of our students. The trophies that were displayed were won in the Anna University Sports Board’s Zonal level competition which is held every year at various zones across the state. Coimbatore district itself is divided into 3 zones. The students of PSG Tech bagged trophies in our region and also became the number one among all the 3 regions becoming overall champions in zone 9 (which is the Coimbatore zone itself). Our college had also been selected in inter-zonals. We are the runners up in the inter zonal kho-kho match. In addition to that, our students have also entered  the “C“ league matches in cricket, which is a formidable achievement. Our students are runners in: Athletics (women) Ball badminton (both men and women) Basketball (women) Chess (men and women) Football (men) Table tennis (men) Volleyball (men) Our students are winners in: Badminton (men and women) Basketball (men) Cricket (men) Handball... read more

A past to remember- a present to celebrate- a future to create.

  Silver Jubilee Reunion (’91 ’92) celebrations of batch 1987-1991 BE/ B.Tech. and 1992 BE(SW) Can you imagine yourself reminiscing your college life after 25 years? The whirlwind of emotions on meeting your friends who have settled in different parts of the world is difficult to express in words. The air was electric and filled with joyous faces of the batch of  ’91 ’92 in the morning of 29th December 2016. The F-Block conference hall was packed with people from all spheres of life. The environment reverberated with laughter and numerous stories were exchanged with glee. For a moment, the conference hall transformed into a boisterous class filled with students. The happiness was so contagious that it was difficult to get the crowd settled for the event. “This is an event for all of us to cherish for the rest of our lives. While we are here, let us travel 29 years back to 1987, cherish as many wonderful, funny and awkward moments during the journey at PSG Tech” , said Mr S.Vishwanathan, CEO, Texas Institute for Neurological Disorder (’91 batch, BE CSE) in welcoming the gathering. The Silver Jubilee Reunion (’91 ’92) for the B.E/B.Tech. and B.E(SW) batch also played a significant role in the ‘social responsibility programme’ by planting 1000 trees for the society. The agenda of the programme was to bring back the lushness to Coimbatore which is slowly dwindling with time. “If every reunion taking place all through Coimbatore starts contributing to this agenda, it will result in 20,000 trees to the society” , said Mr K.P.M. Muthukumaran, CEO, KPM Plasto Rubber Co. ’92 BE(SW) Mech.... read more
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