Reach for the Stars

17 November, 2018 0

An interview with an alumnus, currently living in the United States, and working for SolarCity By Vishnu Prashanth (B.E Production Engineering, 2015-2019) As part of…

The Classical Astronomer

3 November, 2018 0

Off the Stage

Big dreams, in the smallest possible way!

By Pragadeeswaran (B.E Civil Engineering, 2018- 2022) Photograph by Suthier R (M.Sc TCS 2014- 2019) The young icons from Space Kidz had a lot to…

Campus News

Forty Eight hours spent, a Thousand Memories made!

A picturesque summary of Intrams 2k18 held on 6th and 7th Oct 2k18. Compiled by Bennet Thomas (B.E Biomedical Engineering, 2018- 2022) Photographs by Adarsh…


Mission: Impossible- Fallout

Drawing parallels between the movie and reality         By Aadhav Krishna (B.E Computer Science Engineering, 2017- 2021) As global security becomes a contentious issue…


The Million Dollar Tech-ian

An interview with Laks Srini, co-founder and CTO, Zenefits. By Ananya.H (M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2017-2022). Photographs by Shashank Narayanan( M.Sc Theoretical Computer Science, 2017-2022).…


Dunk It Up

A brief tour of the recently concluded national level basketball tournament By Amritha S (MSc Theoretical Computer Science, 2017-22) Photographs by Praganessh (BSc Applied Science,…