The English Literary Society

The English Literary Society provides a common roof for English aficionados and dilettantes alike, striving to inculcate a general appreciation of the English language through various interactive activities and events.

The English Literary Society (ELS) seeks to provide a nurturing environment where students can cultivate their creativity in the form of dialogue and writing. With events ranging from nuanced group discussion sessions to unapologetic plays, ELS fosters an atmosphere conducive to free thinking and self-expression. These activities provide students with initiative to come up with unique ideas and work hard towards their fruition. ELS aims to contribute to the student community to its best ability.

• Let’s Talk
Not just a group discussion forum, Let’s Talk is a platform especially designed for fresh-ers to communicate with new people.
• Verve
A melange of various activities, Verve is the flagship event of the English Literary Socie-ty.
• Theatre Fest
This event is a display of the various talents of the club. One can expect long winding so-liloquies.
• The Wild Card Event
Free reign is given to new members of the club to bring their brainchild to life.

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