Paathshala – The Hindi Club

Paathshala – The Hindi Club of PSG College of Technology, was started by a group of enthusiasts in 2008 that aims to unify diverse Indian cultures though it’s soul of expression-HINDI. We strive to develop, nurture and improve skills of students in Hindi communication.

Today, with more than 40 active members, this prestigious club has grown into a large family. Every year, Paathshala has been successfully conducting a certified workshop ‘Pahel’ open to all- students, faculties and non-teaching staff. This program aims to help enthusiastic learners understand, learn and speak basic Hindi. The learners are supported with books, cd materials, activities and interactive fun events. Paathshala conducts a number of exciting events for the Intrams and Kriya too. Programs are aired on PSG Community Radio for educating Hindi. Cultural Carnival to encourage and inculcate love for the Hindi learning is planned too. Our passionate and dynamic team promotes learning in a fun, fulfilling and self-enriching way.

• Pahel (Hindi learning Workshop)
• Rangeela (Cultural carnival)
• Fun events at Intrams and Kriya
• Radio events

Kuru Tayung (14Z321)
Final year- Department of Computer Science Engineering
PSG College of Technology
Contact: 9566587112

P.Krithika Bohra (14D222)
Final year- Department of Biomedical Engineering
PSG College of Technology
Contact: 9042223129

Dr.C.K. Shashidharan Nair,
HOD, Department of Applied Sciences
PSG College of Technology
Contact: 9843021712

Ms G Priyalakshmi
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences
PSG College of Technology
Contact: 9965662426