The 5 TN Girls BN NCC, is dedicated towards spreading among girls the spirit of patriotism and willingness to serve the country at any time. To be the best in all walks of life and emerge as women leaders of rising India, our cadets are trained to be daring and to enhance their decision making skills.
Known for their dedication and courage, the cadets attend various camps such as the Annual training camp, National Integration Camp and Trekking camp. The girls have also brought laurels to PSG Tech by representing Tamil Nadu at the all India level Para Jumping camp. The spirit of unity is also imbibed through frequent drills and exposure to various levels of hardship inculcates in them to face the tough challenges that a girl faces in her life.
The girls get motivated by their inspiring NCC officer, [Lt. M.Kalpana] and will continue to churn out cadets who can take the lead and effectively transform the state of the lives of the women across the country.



Our Motto:


This make us Different:

Engineers Platoon NCC covers all three Services, namely, Army, Navy and Air Force and
Defence Research & Development Organisation and Ordinance Factories. The tasks
studied by Engineers Platoon NCC Cadets are
1.Construction and maintenance of border roads
2.Construction of bridges, tracks, helipad for own forces.
3.Demolition of bridges,laying mine-fields ,creating obstacles for enemy troops.
4.Construction of field defence i.e, bunkers,trenches,fencing.
5.Maintenance of essential services.
6.Water supply to the troops in the field
7.In counter insurgency operation:
i.Detection , neutralisation and removal of IEDs and explosives.
ii.Road opening etc for all type of traffic.



Some of the words that drive us are team work, punctuality, leadership qualities, discipline,
sportsmanship, physical fitness, reliability and patriotism.

Recruitment into the NCC Air Wing happens during the start of every year. The procedure is
common for all the enthusiastic students willing to join. Few rounds of the recruitment will be
endurance test, fitness test, group discussion and interview.

The selected cadets will be given training that includes Parade, Running, Technical
Education, Arms Drill, games and many other disciplines. The training will be conducted by the
PI staff with the help of senior cadets. The attitude of the cadets is well groomed so that they
become well-furnished citizens.



Motto: “Infantry Men May Fall,But The Sprit Of Infantry Will Never Fall”

INFANTRY is an essentially an arm of close combat. Its role is to attack the enemy in close
to destroy them or capture him and capture & hold the ground .In defence it is to hold ground
against all forms of enemy’s attack. It is also employed in counter insurgency and counter
terrorism operation.

MECHANISED INFANTRY is like infantry with enhanced mobility and fire power.
Mechanised infantry moves in armoured personnel carrier which has adequate protection
against small arms fire. Their mobility in conjunction with armour enables own troops to obtain
most favourable decision in battle. The emphasis is on mobility, fire power and manoeuvre
rather than independence.

NCC Infantry
Cadets will be selected in NCC based upon their Physical fitness, Knowledge, Ability and
their determination. Selected cadets will undergo 2 years training and they will be taught on
various related in infantry subjects, which includes,

1.Introduction to map and conventional signs
3.Topographical forms and technical terms
4.The grid system
5.Relief contours and gradients
6.Cardinal points and finding north
7.Type of bearings and use of service protractor
8.Prismatic compass, its use and introduction to gps
9.Setting a map, finding own position and north
10.Map to ground
11.Ground to map
12.Point to point march

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