Entrepreneurs Club

To promote, inculcate and encourage entrepreneurship in the student community. To provide a vision, a path and a bigger picture to the community and ourselves and to be confident enough to think that we can change the world and do it!

Keeping the tradition of PSG College of Technology alive, the primary mission of Entrepreneurs Club is to inspire, encourage students to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship and to provide the resources, whether through peers, faculty or alumni, for students to succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures. The club also provides a forum to shape young students to face the challenges of entrepreneurship, public leadership, realization & self-actualization of their dream as it is our prime motive.

We focus on urging the students to think out of the box and strongly believe in the concept of “Live the Dream” and also hope to spread this message among the student community to make them realize that there is ‘life beyond job seeking’. It is a firm belief at the Entrepreneurs Club that original thoughts and radical ideas take shape in young minds. If you have the Entrepreneurial spark, we make sure it bursts.

The club was started in 2006 in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Network (A part of the Wadhwani Foundation) and under the aegis of PSG Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (STEP). We are also home to the Net program under the Young Indians which is a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
The club seeks to instill strong intellectual, leadership and creative qualities in its members by serving as an educational and developmental resource. It also aims to strengthen ties with existing entrepreneurial groups and to provide networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs. Overall, the Club serves as a resource for students who are interested in learning how to get involved and how to make an impact in the entrepreneurial community.

The Entrepreneurs Club currently has various student run on-campus startups, where students maintain and run the day-to-day activities of the startups. Apart from this, we conduct regular Entrepreneurship events and workshops to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

Thirst-E: Thirst-E serves the students and faculty of PSG Tech with healthy and nourishing fruits drinks throughout the day. Currently, the juice stall operates in two places inside the college: one in the hostel and the other in the canteen.

Trend-E: There can be nothing more satisfying than having your stuff personalized. E-Club came up with this exquisite idea of getting trendy accessories, bags, mugs and many more cool goodies personalized.

TechTravels: TechTravels is a startup by E-Club that addresses to all kinds of hospitality needs for the students of PSG TECH by arranging industrial visits and outbound training. It not only makes transport arrangements but also sees to the catering and accommodation for a safe and fulfilling journey.

Fabino: The students of fashion technology and E-Club have come together to redefine fashion. A boutique store which makes customized Kurtis, churidars, and many more fashion accessories.

The Entrepreneurs Club conducts various events, workshops and competitions throughout the year. Some of the events are Market Mayhem, Auction, Evening with an Entrepreneur, E-Connexions, Know-your-startup, Team building workshops and B-Plan competitions.

Every year, we conduct our Flagship Event ‘E-SUMMIT’. This year our flagship event was named ‘E-NEXT’ with the theme ‘The Evolution of Entrepreneurship’. E-NEXT 2017 was a national level entrepreneurship summit attended by over 750 students from all over the country. It consisted of various prestigious speakers, events and b-plan competitions. Some of the guests at E-NEXT 2017 were, Ramesh Babu (Millionaire Barber), Dr. A. Velumani (Thyrocare Technol-ogies), Auto Annadurai (Amazing Auto), Abdul Razak (VKC Group), Aruna Krishnan (RITZ Magazine) and many more.

Biz-Quiz: Biz-Quiz was the first event conducted last year. We had a thunderous response from the students with around 75 students participating. Biz-Quiz is a Business Quiz focused around Entrepreneurship and current business events.

Lube and Tune: Our first ‘Evening with an Entrepreneur’ session with Mr.Abinandhan, Founder, Lube and Tune. Mr.Abinandhan is an alumnus of PSG TECH. He currently has a startup which restores old vintage cars back to its former glory.

Build-your-platter: The teams had to build their own flood platter by sharing, swapping and buying food items. All on paper.

Alumni Congress: The Entrepreneurs Club put up a stall during the Alumni Congress held in our college.