By Akash (B.E CSE, 2019- 2023)

The magic of the new year is upon us and so is the urge to make resolutions to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us. Most people get huge ideas and are always in headlong pursuit, only to be hindered immediately. This hindrance can often feel like a personal attack. New year, New me! Why is it so difficult?

Generally, the last few weeks of December and the first few weeks of January are the weeks of introspection. The end of December has always been a time when we reflect on the year and the type of person that we would like to be in the future. 

As the end of this decade quickly approaches, I’ve started to look back at 2019 and my life as a whole. I am convinced that, although the holiday season brings the world lots of joy and happiness as we get closer and closer to the new year, it also leads up to the time of year when we lie to ourselves the most.

New Year’s resolutions are fantastic in concept. But most resolutions, due to their unrealistic nature, only lead to dejection that comes around right about the end of December when looking back on what I wanted to accomplish. Sure, goals within set time frames are healthy and may be realistic, but a year is often not enough time to complete a goal aimed at changing your life.It takes a humongous amount of time to hone our abilities and to become a person who we actually want to be but we generally tend to forget the resolution and continue to be the person who we actually were. An unaccomplished goal always makes us feel disdain. So going into 2020 I implore you to make and keep a New Year’s resolution which is attainable!

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‘New Year, New You’ is not real !

Unfortunately, by February around 80% of people fail to stick to their resolutions. Life-changing commitments are just hard to, well, commit to. If most people can’t stay at it for six weeks, something must be wrong with the whole process of these resolutions.

It’s important for us to remember that a new year is not actually a new anything. Nothing changes. I’m sorry if that makes you sad . The clock striking midnight on December 31 is not a reset on the problems of the world. It’s simply a continuation of eddy of problems but with a new and an arbitrary date and time.

It’s a rough thump on us, but all hope is not lost. We can take the ‘fresh start’ mentality and apply it to many aspects of our lives. Our problems may be the same – both in our personal lives and in the world at large — but it is possible to use the new year as a time for rest and reflection. Now, having taken a moment to gather our thoughts, we can push forward with reinvigorate confidence. That resistance can then be transformed from an untraversable barrier into a fence or a wall that can be vaulted very easily.

Another problem with resolutions is that they are often vague to the verge of impossibility. It stirs up a hornets’ nest of fear and loathing.The namby-pamby promises, like “losing 10 kilograms in one month” or “writing a book for the first time and winning the Man Booker prize” are either too vague to be useful or too hard to get done, so they don’t motivate you at all. Instead, resolutions work best when they are duck soup and appurtenant. 

In a 2017 survey  conducted by Varo Money Inc., more than 40 per cent of those surveyed wanted to lose weight and get more fit in 2018, and more than 50 per cent wanted to save money. While these seem to be great resolutions but they lack specificity and uniqueness. Our goals for life are similarly lofty and they lack idiosyncrasy.

A lot of us are overwhelmed by the never-ending barrage of bunkum coming at us from all directions. We want this year to be better. But how? The new year is not a time machine in which you can leap forward to a time when all of 2019’s drama and deeds are forgotten. It is instead an opportunity to take a deep breath, plan your attack and dive into the fray.

It would be more realistic to try to go to gymnasium everyday or eat greens. What I’m really saying is, let’s make “to stop waiting for a new month or a new year to turn over a new leaf” our “resolution”.

Grab hold of the reins of life today and steer yourself in the direction that you aspire and love to go. Wish you a very Happy New Year in advance.

Time is a construct, and dates are arbitrary.

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