51st PSG Trophy Men's and 14th CRI Pumps Trophy Women All India Basket Ball Tournaments- Day 3

Sports Aug 13, 2015

Two matches on two courts each played by two teams and viewed by two eyes. That’s definitely a lot to take in for my eyes. The matches held on the third day of the All India Basketball Tournament proved to be a feast to the diverse audience present there. Women power dominated the day and aroused whistles and cheer from all sides of the stadium as they closed the scores with head to head points in both the matches played yesterday.

[89(Eastern Railways)-87(Chhattisgarh) and 55(Kerala police)-54(Central Railways)]

At the end of day 3:

GROUP A won played GROUP B won played
1.ONGC 2 2 1.Indian Army 2 2
2.KSEB 0 3 2.Indian Overseas Bank 2 2
3.Vijaya Bank 2 2 3.Central Exercise and Customs 0 3
4.Jeppiar IT 1 3 4.Integral Coach Factory 1 3


GROUP A won played GROUP B Won played
1.Chhattisgarh State Team 1 2 South Central Railway 1 2
2.KSEB 2 2 South Eastern Central Railway 1 2
3.Eastern Railway 1 2 Kerala Police 2 2
4.Nepal 0 2 PSG Sports Club 0 2


As the table says, two teams from each group with points 2-2 in both the tournaments have secured themselves a seat for the knock out rounds. The heat builds up as the others compete for a place in the next round of the tournaments.

For an exclusive interview with team players from the four qualified teams, visit us at our website tomorrow. Till then keep rejoicing yourselves with the exclusive picks from yesterday’s matches.

Stay tuned for more updates on the thrilling twists and turns of the tournament.


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