51st PSG Trophy Men's and 14th CRI Pumps Trophy Women All India Basket Ball Tournaments- Day 4

Sports Aug 15, 2015

The wait has ended. Without further ado we present to you the locked seats for the knock outs.

14th August 2015-Friday
I Match- KSEB Vs South Central Railways
II Match- Kerala Police Vs Chhattisgarh
I Match- IOB Vs Vijaya Bank
II Match- Army Vs Ongc

Pictures make us look at the world from a different perspective, let us see how the day looked yesterday.

With the knock outs one day away all the four qualified teams have started heating up their practice and getting ready for the battle.

A few excerpts from the interview team BRIDGE had with the qualified teams.

Q: Please share  few  words of inspiration to the players out there.

A:”Never let down your spirits, even in the 40th min. Each player is equally skilled, try and try until you succeed. Hard work always pays, never fails.” Says Aziz, team IOB after their team earned the maiden loss title in the men’s tournament.

Aziz(left) with his Team- IOB (score:3win-3played)

“Team work always pays. How much you practice does not matter, how perfect you practice matters more”, says Shabeer Ahamed ,a proud player of team ONGC who have managed to stay alive in the game despite the absence of their key players Yadwinder, Muralikrishna,Vishesh and Amirt Paul Singh,  who are now playing in various national and international tournaments this time of the year.

PSG TECH- The makers of the tournament-  “The playing environment, accommodation, security and hospitality has been at par with international tournaments. We look forward to playing again in the forth coming years.” says Chhattisgrah team coach Rajesh Patel  who is also the coach of India’s international junior team in unison with Prageeth, coach, Kerala Police(score:3 win-3 played).

Rajesh Patel is one of the few coaches in India who has devoted his entire life for basketball. He has a hostel in his house which is the home for around 20 underprivileged basketball girls.

Poonam Chaturvedi (7 ft)- the tallest girl in Asian Basketball Federation . She gave a new face to the game in the Senior National Championship held in Bilwada Rajasthan by scoring 48pts out of 70 in the finals. This enabled her home team Chhattisgarh take home the trophy which had been in the hands of the Indian Railways for the past 29 yrs .

Poonam Chaturvedi (7 ft)- the tallest girl in Asian Basketball Federation along with her coach and teammates

Q: What do you think are the essential elements of sports?

“Gym, diet and daily practice are quintessential for a sports person, without them there is no sport in playing the sport” says Sangeetha, captain team Chhattisgarh with a huge smile adorning her face as she rejoiced her team’s entry into the knock offs.

All in all the tournaments have kept us restless; the wait for the title will be over in two days. For updates on the knock outs which will be the key to enter the crown clenching match visit us tomorrow same time same site.


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