A celebration of resilience - LOGIN 2022

On Campus Oct 30, 2022
The coveted overall championship trophy of LOGIN 2022

The 15th of October was a pleasant but ordinary weekend for Coimbatore. Yet, the campus at PSG College of Technology was bustling with more activity than expected from a usual Saturday. Once inside the campus gates, you see the reason for the difference, for stretching across three floors of the F-block was a banner that read LOGIN 2022. Students wearing coordinated black T-shirts with streaks of yellow, purple and white scurry around busy with their responsibilities. Beside the F-block stands a neat row of stalls with tags of tall sponsors, events, and even food. The inauguration scheduled at 9.30 is about to begin, and everybody makes their way to the F-block assembly hall. Friends find each other in the crowd. The audience is a mixed bunch but all you need is a keen eye to spot the alumni. They are a happy group with a smile that one could only describe as nostalgia.

If you (like us) had most of your years on campus here surreptitiously devoured by the pandemic and had no clue of the significance that LOGIN brings, it is a two-day technical symposium hosted by the Computer Applications Association and Computational Sciences Association, offering plentiful opportunities for postgraduate students of multiple educational institutions. LOGIN is a platform where skills are both learned and exhibited.

The inauguration begins with the dignitaries on the stage who constitute a panel so diverse and deserving. The theme launch video is a fast-paced film covering the slow progression from surviving to thriving. The theme's relevance and the technocracy the event professes as its core were both thoughtfully incorporated into the logo. The new addition to this version of the logo design was the inclusion of healthcare. Fittingly, the guest of honor was an alumni of the departments, Mr. Joseph Robertson, who is also the product and technology lead at US Neurology. The chief guest's address which followed the elegant monologues of the head of the departments was definitely one of the highlights of the event.

He breezily briefed through his years at college, the intricacies of his course, and the future he followed, and also surfed through the synergy of computer applications in healthcare. While his entire speech was refreshing and educating, the message that it intended to deliver and effectively did was the importance of collaboration in education. As he reiterated how it matters for success, on all sides of the same hall stood organizers who planned an entire event and were watching it come to life with proud smiles and affectionate familiarity at the same word: collaboration. He also unveiled COMAPP, the annual technical magazine published by the two organizing associations and thus, marking the start of festivities.

Mr. Joseph Robertson during his address

Technical events for day one encompassed events ranging from Reverse coding, Math pirates, Cybernerd to Thinklytics and so much more. The symposium assumed pace and set about giving all its participants and beholders a day to cherish and remember, through an assortment of experiences. Notably, the event also marked the presence of some important dignitaries from LOGIN’s corporate sponsors, Arcesium, KLA India, RKN Software Solutions and Visteon Corporation. Spread across two days, students from these departments took part in interactive sessions with high-ranking representatives from these organizations and gained elusive and rare insights into their activities and functioning.

Mr. Varunkumar Nagarajan, addressing the student audience, representing Arcesium India

What was also a first in this edition of LOGIN was a unique opportunity presented to the participants - a chance to skip the initial rounds of recruitment and appear for interviews to be picked for career-enhancing, and potentially defining, opportunities with some of event's corporate sponsors such as Thorogood and RKN Software Solutions.

Mr. Dominic David, President of KLA India, addressing the student audience at LOGIN 2022

A celebration of this sort would remain incomplete without an explicit show of infectious, pure energy. As the sun stepped below the horizon, that was rightly achieved in the entertainment show that sent shockwaves into the audience in what can only be described as a display of fervour and zeal on the part of the audience and students of both departments.

By the end of the second day, the symposium had seen over 250 participants from nearly 20 institutions from far and wide. This symposium consisted of 11 technical and 9 non technical events. As the end neared, the closing ceremony was next on the agenda. The Secretary of LOGIN delivered the welcome address, followed by a few words from the chief guest, Mr. Varunkumar Nagarajan, our alumni and Associate Director of Technology at Arcesium, Chennai. Hack-in, Colloquy, Algocode and Star of LOGIN were few of the events packed into the day.

True to its theme “From surviving to thriving: the rise of a technocracy”, one couldn’t help but notice what a huge success the event turned out to be especially after a setback of 2 years since the pandemic. While there were fears on the hosting of this mega event, the LOGIN team put their best foot forward and proved it to happen.The event report was presented by the Executive Coordinator of LOGIN, while the Joint Secretary and Treasurer also shared their thoughts on the grand success of the event. The 31st edition this year was equally as splendid as the ones that came before it, if not better.

It was then time to felicitate the winners of the events conducted. The Coimbatore Institute of Technology took away the overall championship for their excellent performance across the two days.

While the team had been spending a good amount of time making sure every inconvenience was addressed, every certificate  named and in order, and every screen correctly programmed, they did so with one goal in mind - to present something even bigger and greater. Anxious and sleep-deprived, they smiled because they knew that the team had done a fantastic job. One thing is certain; while the outgoing batch is sure to reminisce about everything that has happened in the run-up and through the two days of LOGIN 2022, some of us are quite possibly already counting the days until the next time. The LOGIN team sure is!

Team Bridge would like to thank the Organizing Committee of LOGIN 2022 for their support and inputs in drafting this article.


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