Student Stories Jun 24, 2015

By Megala A (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018)
Photos by Wesley P (M.E. Applied Electronics, 2014-2016)
The day will be distinctly remembered by a student all his life; the day which will blend into their memories; the day which was almost the last student-hood day for many; the day which saw both happiness and sadness together; the day which gave an honorary title to every student and transformed them from a person to a professional; the day which gave parents unimaginable pride and happiness.
Yes! We are talking about the Graduation Day of PSG College of Technology,2015.
The final year Techians were awarded their degrees on 6th of June. That Saturday evening saw graduates gathered, all attired proudly in robes. Any onlooker would have experienced a different sight than usual. While the whole of the college was filled with final year students, their proud families, a few members of the team BRIDGE went around the campus trying to catch a few outstanding students to know more about the skills they acquired and the struggles they faced. The delight which we experienced is shared as an article.
VIJAYANAND T(B.E. ECE, 2011-15), the topper of the ECE department claims that he joined PSG Tech because of its fame and locality. Also, his father Mr. Thangavelu P is an alumnus of PSG Tech. This enabled him to get an overall idea about the college experience, even before his admission. He says that his fascination for electronics made him to retreat his one month of a medical student life, and join PSG Tech. He highlights certain good aspects of PSG as infrastructure, faculty and exposure. He also says that he was supported by his friends in project works. He currently started work in Cisco systems, and says that he would like to advance to research. His good word for the students aspiring for engineering, out of his experience is “Choose a fixed course that draws your interest”. As a responsible citizen in this society, he sincerely wants to develop a greener city. His parents Mr. Thangavelu P and Mrs. Krishnaveni T say with absolute pride that their son is hardworking and sincere. They also say that the faculty’s opinion is more important, and their son proved his goodness in that area as well.

Vijayanand and his parents answering with beaming pride

The topper of the Civil department, ANJANA R KADNI(B.E. Civil, 2011-15), says that PSG Tech is well managed, and is one of the best private institutions in India. Her fascination about buildings is evident from the fact that she has emerged as the topper of the Civil department. She says that the college nurtured self-motivation, independent thinking and leadership qualities in her. She also adds that she learnt the tactics involved in heading a group and working as a group through group presentations and projects. She aspires to become a research scientist. Her father, Mr. Raghavendra P Kadni adds that PSG Tech moulded his daughter in acquiring in-depth subject knowledge, in analysing things and in taking decisions on her own. He also adds that children’s career must be left to their choice. Her mother Mrs. Rekha R Kadni says that her daughter acquired specific qualities like co-operation, team building, ethics, self-confidence and discipline after joining PSG Tech. She also says that her dream to become a professional is fulfilled by her daughter.
Anjana R Kadni and her father sharing their views

The IT department’s topper Mr. SHYAM VENKATRAMAN P(B.E. IT, 2011-15), joined PSG as it is one of the top colleges. He says that PSG Tech gave him the freedom to experiment and learn new things, without being restricted to the syllabus. He also adds that a student must attempt the best out of the given opportunities, and must not learn for mere marks. He declares that he has found his talent in teaching and enriched it through group discussions among his friends. He would like to help students through his teaching, as a noble service for the society. His father Mr. V Pattabiraman says that the confidence level of his son and his maturity in handling things have been increased profoundly owing to the college. He also highlights the specialities of PSG Tech as interactive class approach, good student-teacher relationship and a great learning environment. His mother Mrs. A Parvathi says that the college offers great subject oriented knowledge.
Shyam Venkatraman with his proud parents

Mr. SANTHOSH SOMASUNDARAM(B.E. Robotics, 2011-15), who claims to have had the aspiration for mechanical-related courses, joined Robotics, and emerged as the topper of the department. Also, he chose PSG Tech after the valuable advices he received of his grandfather and sister, who are both alumni of the college. He duly served his duty as a head member of the Students Union for 3 years. Department functions and the chances to organise workshops have given him the links to explore IIT Bombay. He is very specific and aims on further expanding and establishing his eco-friendly agricultural product, which he designed for his project. He is also interested and aims at starting the environmental agricultural product based on his project work, and his desire to contribute his part for the society is fulfilled this way. He warmly suggests that students must equip logical reasoning and develop hunger to explore and learn new things.
Santhosh Somasundaram stating his experiences

THE BRIDGE thanks the toppers for their kind co-operation despite their busy schedules, and wishes them all success and glory in their endeavours.
MEGALA A (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018) is a person who goes deep into thinking and reasoning,and relishes skepticism. Gaming and surfing are her hobbies. She feels that riddles always free her off from boredom.
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