An Optimistic Start!

On Campus Aug 17, 2017

A summary on the common orientation program that took place on 5th of August – 2017 to induct the incoming batch of Bachelor studies.


“This is the beginning of anything you want”

On Saturday, the 5th of August, the campus was filled with markedly positive vibes and smiling faces as it was the orientation for the 68th batch of aspiring engineers in PSG Tech. It will be an unforgettable day for the students as well as their parents as they  step into a new beginning. They were even happier as the orientation function was held at the Sarvajana school campus,which is of great historical significance.

The crowd listening to the Orientation program

The crowd became attentive as the dignitaries – Dr.R.Rudramoorthy, Principal of PSG Tech, Dr.P.Radhakrishnan, Director of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), Dr.K.Prakasan, Dean-Autonomous functions , Dr.R.Venkatesan, Dean-Placements and Training,  Dr.K.Natarajan, Dean- Student affairs, Dr.Elangovan, Warden-Men’s hostel, Dr.Kalpana, Warden-Ladies’ hostel – started to occupy their seats on the dais.
The dignitaries addressing the gathering.

After the resounding Tamizh Thai Vazthu, the first person to address the gathering was Dr.K.Natarajan. He happily welcomed the dignitaries, the students and their proud parents to the orientation by mentioning that the students’ stay in the college should be a meaningful part of their life.
Dr.P.Radhakrishnan, the director of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, began his speech by welcoming the parents and students .He explained about the rankings of engineering colleges. He went on to share the history of the PSG trust and reminded them that the place they were seated in has 91 years of heritage.
Let us mention a few tidbits for the freshmen: Mr.P.S.Govindaswamy Naidu established the trust in 1926, and his four sons took on the arduous task of developing it further. Dr.G.R.Damodaran was the founder principal of the PSG College of Technology back in 1951. He ended his speech by mentioning the opportunities for higher education and the various integrated study abroad programmes , and urged the students to take advantage of them.
The principal of PSG Tech, Dr . Rudramoorthy wore a cheerful smile and congratulated the students on getting into the college. He stressed on the importance of the involvement of the parents in their ward’s college activities. The performance of the placement cell for the academic year and the higher education guidance systems in the college were explained along with the mention of the well-developed alumni network. A few success stories of our alumni – Dr.Mylswamy Annadurai and Mr. Shiv Nadar was put forth to the gathering to embolden the students and parents likewise.
Dr.K.Prakasan started off with the history of Rabindranath Tagore and the Sarvajana school, and urged the students to prepare for a self-learning lifestyle in college and beyond. He stressed on the necessity of a good heart, sturdy will and the quest for perfection as an engineer. Succeeding him, Dr.R.Venkatesan elaborated on the major role played by communication skills in job opportunities and in life. Dr.K.Elangovan and Dr.Kalpana, Wardens of the Boys and Girls hostels respectively, briefed students about the rules and regulations of the hostel and advised the students to follow the same. They assured parents about the safety of their children and insisted that they would look after them with the utmost care.
Dr.K.Natarajan with the members of the Students Union

Dr.K.Natarajan addressed the crowd again, and elaborated about the 21 clubs and 37 associations in the college. He insisted the students to actively participate in the club activities and also introduced the members of the Students Union.
R.Shruthi, Co-Chairperson of the students union 2017-2018 concluded the orientation with her vote of thanks.
As the National Anthem ended, there were many gleeful faces eager to achieve their dreams and begin life in college.
JAYASANKAR.S (B.E ,ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION ,2016-2020), is an aspiring engineer who has a huge interest in aerospace. He loves reading books and believes that only books could be the best companion for a man.He also likes to play cricket and travel a lot.


Jayasankar S

Along with Ramanathan Kasiviswanathan

Jayasankar is an aspiring engineer who has an interest in aerospace. He loves reading books and believes that they're the best companions a man can have. He likes to play cricket and travel a lot.