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On Campus Oct 14, 2015
Aram- Logo

It was one stormy Sunday. It is usually calm before the storm; the storm being the show which was going to blow the audience away. But this time it was the other way around . The rain was so heavy that it literally left the quadrangle in a flood, with no means to drain the water. It was difficult to find the drainage holes because of all the water. There was a question about postponing the show. But the untiring effort of the students – some of them using buckets to drain the water little by little and clearing the water – made way for the show to start , much to the enthusiasm of the audience.

The Stage

The show started with the lighting of kuthuvillaku by Dr.K.Elangovan which was followed by a welcome address by Vineeth Varshan, Secretary of Dramatix club of the college. “ The enthusiasm shown by you, the audience is heartwarming. For this we will go to any extent to entertain you” he said. This was the 48th year of Dramatix club with two shows conducted every year; the curtain raiser and showdown.

Lighting of the Kuthuvillakku

The stage work with the intricate paintings and the logo of Dramatix was colorful. The theme of the curtain raiser of 2015 was “Aram”. It is the fight between good and evil and what triumphs at last. The name was inspired by the theme of the short film which was to be screened later in the evening.

Energetic performance by the boys

The show started with a girls’s dance which inaugurated the show and set the tone for the evening.  Next came the boys to rock the floor with their acrobatic dance moves with the crowd cheering both for the dance and also the songs to which they danced. The lighting illuminated the dancers and made them appear in two distinct colors. The fire and smoke effect also packed an extra punch to the performance.

Performance by the girls

The crowd favourite mimicry show was next with the concept of AD films given by famous film personalities. The AD film maker in the mimicry was the hugely popular VTV Ganesh, who sought advice to make AD films from favourite film personalities. The crowd went crazy as their favorite stars Vijay, Surya , Vijay Sethupathi , TR and many others narrated their funny concepts of making AD films to the roaring excitement of the audience.

The crowd's favourite- Mimicry

It was followed by a couple of dance performances and it was time for the screening of the short film Aram. The story, following the journey of two friends through their ordinary life turning extraordinary by a sudden turn of events was gripping. The fight between good and evil was evident as the story reached the intermission stage.

The fillers, video clippings put in between the programs, were equally interesting with a Raspberry award compilation given to the heroes of the south. The Clash of Clans – Tamil film Puli version and the Joker of Dark Knight fame appearing in the movie song “Theemai Dhan Vellum” was innovative and interesting.

The last performance

The last dance performance was the best, as both the girls and boys performed excellently and were peaking with fast dance moves to the crowd, still wanting more entertainment. It was served with the second half of the short film, with the introduction of the villain whose path the two friends crossed, which led to their capture. At gun point ,the villain asks them their last wishes and one friend calls the orphanage he was brought up in. But just when the bullet  is to be fired, the police arrives, as the call was not disconnected and the villain ends up caught. The film further explores the making of a bad person as life pushes people to the extreme ; one person emerges as good and the other bad with circumstances to be blamed for, for a large part. It also stresses on the need and expansion of shelters taking care of such children. But the most important thing about these kids is not materials or money, but the care shown to them.

With that, the curtain raiser of Dramatix 2015 came to an end, with the big screen showing what went into the making of the successful show. This show has raised the expectations and has certainly set the bar high for the upcoming events by Team Dramatix.

A full house

Photo credits: Team Dramatix


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