By the name of Dr.Kalam

On Campus Sep 19, 2017

Talks organized by the various clubs in college hold a special significance in the minds of techians, as they serve as an escape from the arduous daily grind and prove to be a means for encouragement and much needed motivation. Being a talk held in the name of a person of such undeniable eminence and a large student endorsement – ‘Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam’ , the ‘Kalam Tech Talk’  , did not fail to instil curiosity among students.

The Kalam Tech Talk is a meet organized by the ‘Student Research Council’, in the memory of the late Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. This is a series of talk events which aims to promote innovation and to provide students with knowledge about the rapid growth in the field of technology and science. Right from the first talk, the event received immense response from the students as well as faculty. The Student Research Council, with relentless support from their faculty advisors, managed to organize 3 successful meets last year. The speakers seemed to thoroughly enjoy their interaction with the earnest crowd. The talks not only serve as a platform to educate students regarding advancements in their field, but also motivate students with inspiring speeches. The Principal, Dr.R.Rudramoorthy congratulated the organizers on the success of their events and appreciated their efforts.

Dr. Umesh Chandrasekhar , the speaker

This time,  the topic for the talk was ‘Creativity, Innovation and Technology’. Dr.Umesh Chandrasekhar, from PSG Institute of Management was the honorable speaker for the event. The meeting was held in F-201 on the 31st of August, 2017. The hall was abound with students as the speaker began. He had a very important and crucial topic for discussion, “INNOVATION”. Being a topic that plays such a vital role in engineering, his speech managed to obtain the undivided attention of the students. He educated the students on the present state of the economy and the need for innovation in the market. He kept the students engaged by providing ample information on the current issues and events happening around the world.

Having done justice to the tagline of his speech, “The Successful exploitation of new Ideas”, he educated the students to approach an eccentric manner in following their thought process, to prove successful in today’s highly competitive world. He stated that every big innovative idea stems from a ‘small need’, proceeding to make a huge revolution in the market. With many aspiring entrepreneurs in the crowd listening to him, he continued his speech by providing them with the examples of some current market giants and the innovative ways they have used to grow in this competitive world. His witty style of speaking served to draw the attention of all the students and he made the session a really enjoyable one.

Dr.Umesh Chandrashekar addressing the gathering.

As a token of gratitude, Mr.KARTHIK (B.Tech Information Technology, 2014-2018)  the secretary of SRC, presented the invitee with a memento and he gracefully accepted it.

The secretary of SRC presenting the invitee with a memento.

With a smile on his face, he waved goodbye and wished students all the best of luck for their successful careers. The students left the hall with enlightened minds, expecting many more such events in the near future.



Jayasankar S

Along with Dhivakar B

Jayasankar is an aspiring engineer who has an interest in aerospace. He loves reading books and believes that they're the best companions a man can have. He likes to play cricket and travel a lot.