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Miscellaneous Oct 1, 2015

By Megala A (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018)
Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Emperor Ashoka, Abraham Lincoln, Caliph Omar
Concerning the names of personalities above, my question is, ‘Can you see all the five men, belonging to different disciplines and different time periods together?’  Well, the practical answer will be a ‘No’. Scientific minds like ours will say ‘Yes! It’s possible through time travel’. The answers of great minds will also be the same. ‘The same’ is not the same when it comes to ‘reason’. The reason obtained from the work of one such great mind is, ‘It’s possible through dream’. The great dreamer Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, dreamt not only of the Developed India 2020, but also of the visions of these five visionaries. Yet, the latter is distinct from the former in its reality that it was his night-dream.
The great man worked with stages, both in rockets and in his career. As the rocket proceeds along its intended trajectory, the stages are jettisoned according to the level of rocket in the layers of earth’s atmosphere. The same is the life of a human being on earth, wherein one has to work with different stages and has to adapt oneself to the changes. Well, coming to the perspective of a student, he has to come across different stages from his childhood till date. These stages include teachers, friends, educational institutions etc,. The challenging task about these stages is ‘handling with ease’. The most challenging of all will be his ‘school-college transformation’. We, as normal people find these changes to be challenging and crucial. The same is the case of great men and this is evident from the Missile Man’s words, “Change is Crucial”. Change is crucial for both great men and students, and so, there’s no dubiety that all students are great men and women.
We know the triangle is a hot topic of discussion during mathematics and physics classes. When a teacher asks the student community to describe a triangle with a rule that there shouldn’t be any repetition of answers, it’s quite natural for students to come forward first among their fellow-mates  to say the familiar answers: ‘The triangle has three sides and three angles’, ‘Triangle can be equilateral, isosceles or right-angled’ and so on. To highlight the importance of a triangle, Trigonometry cannot find its presence without it. In an exaggerated way, Mechies find them between the guideways of a lathe bed; Civilians find them in trusses. The faces of all ice-cream lovers will be hit with anxiety, if the triangle’s presence was not observed. The 2d projection of an iCone is a triangle! Well, this is the list of perspectives of students and kids on a triangle, and next comes the Missile Man’s perspective. He lists the three sides of a triangle as the best three role models of a student. The father, the mother and the teacher form the three sides of this renowned triangle, which is specialized in designing a responsible citizen.
Mind if I ask you a question? Well, “Who was the first scientist in the world?” I assure you that I don’t have an answer for this question, and, neither do my fellow-mates. But, the Missile Man has given a remarkable response which follows, “Science was born and survives only by questions. The whole foundation of science is questioning. And as parents and teachers well know, children are the source of unending questions. Hence, ‘Child is the first scientist’. This response is possible only by an extra-ordinary intellect who can use the mathematical operators, ∫ integration and d/dx differentiation, in defining the growth of the nation by establishing unity among different fields.
Each one of us would have experienced a situation, wherein if you don’t do the concerned task within the specified time, you’ll be screwed up. This is similar to the scenes of exam hall, JAM, driving tests and so on. Specifically at the exam hall, one accelerates the ultimate writing speed at the neck of the moment and somehow completes the paper. And, simply superb! That is the moment of ignition. Here is the word of Kalam about ignition, “If something is at stake, the human mind gets ignited and working capacity gets enhanced manifold”. The great man wants our country which is at the stake of development to be ignited to reach the acme. To be certain, the ignited minds of the young are the great necessities for the development of our distinct, yet unified country.
In the past few days, the acronym “RIP” pronounced “Return If Possible” to the great missile man. The missile man wrote, “Let me go to dust as a proud citizen of India, to rise and rejoice in its glory”. It is evident that his return is possible if our country becomes a developed nation!
okh1MEGALA A (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018) is a person who goes deep into thinking and reasoning,and relishes skepticism. Gaming and surfing are her hobbies. She feels that riddles always free her off from boredom.
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