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Alumni Nov 28, 2017

A brief coverage of the Felicitation Ceremony held on 22 November 2017 to honour the alumni of PSG institutions marking their success in various professional associations in Coimbatore.
By Ajay Joshua (B.E Computer Science, 2016-2020)
Photographs by Jayantraj (B.E Computer Science, 2015-2019)

As far as the alumni of PSG institutions are concerned, their network is nothing less than extraordinary, boasting a number of achievers and trendsetters in a vast number of fields. It was an evening of joy as PSG & Sons’ Charities took pride in organising a felicitation ceremony for the alumni of PSG Institutions who were dominating their respective fields in the honourable posts of chairpersons and presidents of various associations and organisations in Coimbatore. The chief guest for the evening was Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan IAS Commissioner, Coimbatore corporation. An extraordinary total of 21 Awardees from PSG institutions were present for the gathering amongst which 10 of them were the alumni of PSG College of Technology. It was a special evening as the alumni got the opportunity to revisit and relive their memories at their alma mater.

A picture from the invite for the ceremony

The distinguished alumni of PSG College of technology include:

 Alumni Position
Mr. S. Kuppuswamy President, Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association.
Mr.A.M.Natarajan President, Coimbatore Productivity Council
Mr.J.Ganesh Chairman, Institute of Indian foundrymen, Coimbatore
Mr.N.Subramanian Chairman, Kovai Nanneri Kazhagam
Mr.K.Rangarajan President, South India Small Spinners Association
Ms.Sanjana Vijayakumar Chairperson, Entrepreneur Organisation, Coimbatore
Mr.V.Gopalakrishnan Chairman, Association of consulting Civil Engineers
Mr.K.Rajavelu Chairman, Builders Association of India ,Coimbatore
Mr.N.Valliappan Chairman, Computer society of India, Coimbatore
Mr.E.K.Ponnuswamy President, Scientific and Industrial Testing and Research Centre

The event embarked on an auspicious note with a divine prayer song followed by the welcome note by Dr.P Radhakrishnan, Director, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies. The mementos were presented to the awardees by Mr.L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG Institutions and the chief guest, Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS.

The awardees of the ceremony

Soon after the distribution of the mementos, the chief guest was invited to the dais to address the gathering. Dr.K Vijayakarthikeyan has numerous achievements under his belt apart from being Coimbatore Corporation’s youngest commissioner.He graduated from Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and served as the Assistant Collector (Trainee) at Erode and Sub collector at Kovilpatti before his appointment as the Corporation Commissioner in Coimbatore.

The chief guest Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan IAS addressing the gathering.

He began by conveying his best wishes to all the awardees and recalled his previous stint at the same hall, back in 2015, for a two-day workshop that was organised as a prelude to the proposal for the SMART City mission that later went on to become a great success. He also spoke proudly about the industries in the city, their rapid growth and ability to welcome good initiatives. He appreciated the individuals in various associations and organisations for chipping in for the betterment of the city and concluded his speech by inspiring the students to be the leaders of tomorrow and strive for the development of the city.

Mr.N.Subramanian, Chairman, Kovai Nanneri Kazhagam delivering the acceptance speech.

The acceptance speech was delivered by Mr.N.Subramanian,Chairman,Kovai Nanneri Kazhagam on behalf of all the recipients, who expressed his gratitude to PSG institutions and their closely knit alumni network. He talked about the entrepreneurial activities in the city of Coimbatore and took pride in claiming that Coimbatore could easily be established as the entrepreneurial hub of the nation. He also spoke about the hardships of being an entrepreneur and an industrialist – multitasking work with personal life; the culture, discipline and education of such people were attributed to their success despite the hurdles. His admiration for Dr.G.R.Damodaran, who foresaw the enormous potential in the city of Coimbatore, was very much evident in the speech, which emphasised the major role he played in establishing quality education and associations like the Coimbatore Productivity Council for the development and well-being of the city. The end note of the speech included an advise to the youngsters to not only concentrate on their jobs but also contribute to the development of the society.

With the event drawing to a close, Dr.S.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research was invited to deliver the vote of thanks for the event in which he inspired the young people to achieve the goals of tomorrow. He also thanked the chief guest, awardees and students for making it to the event and establishing the event as an enormous success. The event marked the mutual efforts by PSG institutions and the Alumni to celebrate and recognize their efforts in contributing to the society.


AJAY JOSHUA(B.E COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING, 2016-2020) is a ‘Jack of all trades’ (i.e) he knows a little something in everything. He is highly passionate about comics and is a huge fan of “The Archies”. He loves stargazing and listening to classic rock. His special ability – Making puns out of thin air.

JAYANTRAJ (BE COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2015-2019) is a passionate photographer who likes covering live events. He also loves silhouette photography.
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