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Sports Oct 24, 2017

(The second installment of the series of articles on the Sports Teams of PSG Tech. Read To Strikers and Grandmasters )
Ball Badminton
Ball badminton is a game native to India. It originated right here in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. This game is played between two teams of five players each. We interacted with a couple of ball badminton players of the PSG Tech team.

The Boys’ Ball Badminton Team

“Ball badminton is a team sport that demands physical and mental prowess and a lot of stamina,” said MOHAMMED SIDDIQ (B.E RAE 2016-2020). When asked about their training routine, R.K. GANESH KUMAR (B.E RAE 2014-2018) said, “We practise five days a week, an hour a day. We also play in some club matches to identify the level of our game.” When asked about their next match, he said he is looking forward to the Alumni trophy. Some of their recent achievements include securing the second place in Centies (2016-2017) and Zonals (2016-2017).
The Girls’ Ball Badminton Team

When asked about motivating players, SOWMIYA R (B.E RAE 2014-2018), captain of the girls’ team said, “It is not hard to motivate the team because every player knows the importance of their presence. Everybody in the team is motivated by each other.”
“There haven’t been any difficulties related to academics,” says SHERIN (B.E PROD. 2016-2020). “We are now working on our team coordination before our next big match – the Zonals”. The girls’ team has won the zonals (2015) and CIT trophy (2016), and has been the runners up in Zonals (2016). Both the teams are preparing hard for the next Centies and Zonal matches.
Basket Ball:
The only major sport strictly of U.S. origin, basketball is played between two teams of five players each. Though one of the most famous sports globally, it is yet to gain popularity in India. However, that doesn’t discourage the basketball fans here. PSG Tech has a very talented basketball team which has won several laurels.
The Boys’ Basketball team- The winners of Anna University Zone 9.

“Basketball is a fast paced game which requires you to think on your feet. This game requires trust. One must be able to blindly trust their teammates,” said SURYA (B.E CSE 2016-2020), who has spent a year with the team.

The team keeps in touch with latest in basketball through videos of players such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant. “We are constantly trying to learn new moves and update ourselves,” says KAMALESH (B.Sc COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND DESIGN, 2016-2019). He aspires to play for the Indian team someday and lives by the motto ‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard’. Their hard work is evident from the fact that they have won the Zonals every year since 2015. The team is training hard for their Interzonals which will be held on the 27th of December

The Girls’ Basketball team

LYNDA SHARYN (B.E RAE 2014-2018), captain of the girls’ basketball team, humbly admitted, “All my teammates are very passionate about the game and I feel really blessed to be a part of such a team. The best part about being in a team sport is that if anybody feels demotivated, they get motivated by the others.”
“There are no difficulties that we face,” says ROSHNI (B.Tech IT 2015-2019). “Time management has never been an issue as well. All of us are able to cope and keep up our performance on both academics as well as basketball,” she says. They have been winning the CIT trophy for the last three years and have come runners up in Anna University Zonals 2016 and 2017.Their next tournament is going to be the Karunya KEMT tournament.
THE BRIDGE wishes both the teams all the best of luck and we hope that they are rewarded for their arduous training with continued victories.
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