Fusion - A melange of Music

On Campus Feb 12, 2020

I wouldn’t be overshooting it if I said that music is an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Though each one of us enjoys different genres of music in different languages, all of it, as a whole, brings about emotions, acting as a universal language. On the 6th of February 2020, Tek music presented ‘Fusion – A melange of music’, a completely new, innovative effort wherein the three wings of the club, namely the Light Music Wing, the Carnatic Wing and the Western Wing, came together, portraying their uniqueness and interrelation at the same time. 

The show started at around 6pm in the F Block Assembly Hall, filled with an eagerly awaiting audience. The stage was all set with two keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, veena, violin, morsing, mridangam, ghatam and the flute.

The show began with a piece called ‘Uptown Funk(Indian Mix)’, a brilliant composition by the youtube channel IndianRaga with a perfect blend of Indian and western music, performed by Arjun, Rishi and Adarsh on the vocals.

Then came the all time favourite ‘Chandelier’ by Sia and ‘Chandralekha’ sung by Malavika and Manasa which was welcomed by the audience with a storm of applause. 

The next piece was a medley in the raga Darbari Kanada, a raga which makes one deeply moved with the intense melody it possesses. It comprised of beautiful songs like ‘Govardhana giri dhara’ composed by Narayana Teertar, Pookkal pookum tharunam from Madharasapattinam, ‘Malare maunama’ from Karnaa and ‘The other side’ from The Greatest Showman. They then moved to ‘7 rings’ by Ariana Grande, with Baalavignesh on the beatboxing, Gayathri on the violin, Sairam  on the Mridangam and Poorna on the vocals, who did complete justice to the song. 

The next piece was a duet by Sandhya and Joshua, a beautiful fusion of the varnam set in raga Mohanam (Ninnukori) and ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay, with Afreen on the violin and Shreenidhi on the Veena.

Mukund then won over the crowd with his effortless and remarkable rendition of ‘Nagumo’ composed by Sri Thyagarajar, set in the raga Abheri.

This was followed by a medley set in the raga Charukesi, a graceful and well-loved raga. ‘Adamodigalathe’ by Shri Thyagarajar, ‘In my Life’, a classic by the Beatles and ‘Uyire’ from Bombay sung by Nanthana, putting the audience under their spell. 

‘Isai kettal puvi asaindadum’, a song by T.M.Soundararajan and ‘Yesterday’, yet another beauty by the Beatles was entracingly performed.

The next song was ‘Raa raa’, the all-time telugu favourite, which was performed extra-ordinarily well by Purnima and Arjun, with the konnakol(jathi) and Keerthana on the Veena, adding flavour to it.

Then came a medley set to raga ‘Natabhairavi’. It is said to incite feelings of grandeur and devotion to the listener. The medley comprised of the famous ‘Senorita’, ‘Thuli Thuli’, ‘Sri Valli Devasenapathe’ and the fast number, ‘Oruvan oruvan mudalali’. 

The next piece was ‘Neeye unakkendrum’, it was a beautiful composition with a battle between swarams. The konnakol was well rendered by Mukund and Ramachandra. This was accompanied by a medley set in the raga Shankarabharanam. Melodies like ‘Adiye’, ‘Perfect’, ‘Kaadu thirandhu’ and ‘Raasali’ were welcomed by the audience.

 This was followed by an own composition of Divakar, the rapper who was accompanied by Shreeram, the beatboxer. Their amazing performance and expressive lyrics got them a great response from the audience.

Last but not the least, the show was concluded with ‘Swans of Saraswathi’, a ravishing composition by Agam, and I must say that they did justice to the song. ‘Bantu reethi kolu’ set in raga Hamsanandhi was mystifying. 

On the keys were Shaarodh, Bala Vignesh, Moukthika, Raghul, Badri and Siddharth. In the guitar section was Vignesh, Sai Karthik, Siddharth and Joshua. On the drums were Sujay, Nirmal and Akhilesh. Ramachandra showed his talent on the kazoo. Tekmusic had something to offer for a varied audience. If it is a Beatles song you enjoy, or a Thyagarajar Kriti or a ARR composition, they had it all. Overall, it was a beautiful evening filled with music, a promising band and a great audience. 


Karunya Venugopalan

Along with Tharun Saravanan

Karunya loves music, reading, writing and travel. An ambitious but happy-go-lucky person who’d be up for a cup of coffee on a hilltop any day.