Interview with the Nobel Laureate Prof.David J.Gross

Jan 23, 2016

Interview by Roopika R (B.E. Robotics and Automation Engineering, 2012-2016 )
Video by Lokesh (Msc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-19)
Video Editing By Adithan.K (B.E Mechanical, 2014-2018)
Catch Prof.David J.Gross, University of California, Santa Barbara, the recipient of 2004 Nobel prize for Physics open up his mind in an exclusive interview with Team Bridge. This was filmed during his brief visit to PSG College of Technology  on  29.12.2015

roopikaROOPIKA R (B.E Robotics, 2012-2016) is passionate about music and classical dance. She loves writing about anything that puts her in awe and also writing is her favorite way of expressing what she feels. She enjoys debating and is always up for any healthy argument.
rsz_img_8823LOKESH (MSc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-19) loves bike riding. He is the kind of person who loves romantic stories. He is also a foodie, passionate about photography
adithanAdithan.K (B.E Mechanical, 2014-2018) is a high spirited reader, enthusiastic gamer, who enjoys occasional coding, out-of-the box thinking, and often left awed by the very twisted fiber of nature and amorphously, by the scientific and engineering environment.
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