Kovai Vizha

Coimbatore Times Jan 30, 2018

Everybody in and around Coimbatore is sure to have witnessed the city-wide celebration “Kovai Vizha”, that lasted for an entire week from the 5th to 12th of January. For its tenth edition, the Kovai Vizha was back with a bang and brought the entire city together, by reminding everyone of its varied cultural and industrial history. At Kovai Vizha, one could witness an interesting amalgamation of people from various backgrounds taking part in the celebrations.

PSG is a name that has become synonymous with Coimbatore’s history over the years. The various institutions namely, PSG College of Arts and Science, PSG College of Technology and PSG Institute of Management have played a vital role in making Kovai Vizha a grand success.

The tenth edition of Kovai Vizha witnessed the various institutions organise a total of ten events, namely the Short Film Contest (PSG College of Arts and Science), PSG Kadambari (PSG Institutions), Photography Contest (PSG College of Arts and Science), Rural Sports (PSG Schools), PSG Heritage (PSG Institutions), Pongal Celebrations (PSG Institute of Management), Healthy Cooking Contest (PSG Institutions), Quiz, Treasure Hunt and Coimbatore Vizha Logo Formation (PSG Schools).


“PSG Kadambari”, a four day long Carnatic music event, was one of the biggest highlights. Accomplished artists such as TM Krishna and Sathyaprakash gave mind blowing performances during the course. Dr.Divyatha Arun, trained classical dancer and an alumna of PSG IMSR left a mark with her graceful movements. Kadambari proved to be the much-needed platform for budding youngsters and their music bands from the various PSG Institutions to perform and showcase their talents to the world.

Mr.TM.Krishna captivating the audience on Day 1 of PSG Kadambari
Saint Tyagaraja’s Gana Raga Pancharatnas performed by the students of PSG Institutions on Day 2
A graceful Bharatanatyam Performance on Day 2 of PSG Kadambari
Light Music by the students of PSG Institutions on Day 4 of PSG Kadambari

Rural Sports Festival

The idea behind the “Rural Sports Festival” was to help young students recollect old games and sports that haven’t been in practice in recent times. Students of PSG Sarvajana Schools were encouraged to play traditional rural games like Sack race, Ghilli Danda, Ludo (known as Dhaayam) during the evening.

The Healthy Cooking Contest

Organised by the Department of Catering Science and Hotel Management at PSG College of Arts and Science, the objective of this contest was to bring out one’s culinary skills. Over 30 teams participated and presented a wide range of mouth-watering varieties from the Kongu cuisine.

Participants eagerly preparing their dishes
The preparations were not only mouth-watering but also treat for the eyes.

PSG Heritage

The purpose of “PSG Heritage” was to provide a means for attendees to familiarise themselves with the legacy behind “PSG” and the pivotal role played by the institutions in Kovai’s history. A scaled down replica of the PSG Industrial Institute – the very first institution established by PSG was built, inside which one could walk down memory lane and recollect significant events on the PSG timeline.

A timeline of PSG Institutions

The short film and photography contests conducted over the period revolved around the theme ‘Coimbatore’. The PSG Quiz tested participants’ knowledge on Coimbatore’s history and traditions. The campus of PSGIM witnessed joyful celebrations right before Pongal. The young men and women, clad in colourful traditional attires danced to the rural tunes and even cooked Pongal together!

On the final day, students from PSG schools formed a human logo of Coimbatore Vizha at the N block ground, showcasing unity and order. To say the view of the human logo from the top was breathtaking, would be an understatement.

Human Logo

Overall, the Kovai Vizha was a grand success and the events conducted by PSG were widely appreciated and enjoyed, and left us asking for more. We do look forward to the next edition of Kovai Vizha, and we’re sure our fellow Coimbatoreans can’t wait too!

Photo credits : PSG & Sons’ Charities


Bharat Kumar Jain

Bharat Kumar is an avid book reader and enjoys reading biographies. He is also interested in badminton and is a numismatist, notaphilist and philatelist.