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A quick insight into Kriya – the brainchild of Students’ Union, PSG Tech

Considered to be the embodiment of Students Union, Kriya is one of the most awaited events among the various engineering colleges in the state. It is an assortment of various events and  focuses on bringing young and aspiring minds together under one roof.

Kriya 2018 witnessed participants from around ninety colleges in and around Tamil Nadu. The symposium was filled with a large gamut of events belonging to various streams, which included the core of Engineering, Coding, Management and Automation. It also had a variety of workshops on many present-day technologies along with fun events.

KRIYA-The first Day


This year, the participants were welcomed with charming decorations that lit up the environment. The event was kick-started with the inauguration at the D-block conference hall which was anteceded by a speech from Mr.Senthil Ramalingam Sivaprakasam, Director of Cognizant Coimbatore, who spoke about the increase in the usage of latest technologies in various fields and about the personality that all students should develop in order to adapt to the continuously changing environment of today’s world.

The Inaugural function

A brief insight about the workshops and events:


It was an event utilizing rovers where the participants had to pace through a maze in order to win. This was one of the most popular events in the techno management fest which saw around 100 enthusiastic participants.

Aviation Combattree (By Dept of ICE)

From farming to golfing, drone technologies are becoming increasingly popular day-by-day. The main aim of this event was to fuel passion in engineers’ minds to spur the need to find innovative ideas towards this technology. The event saw a great number of young aspiring engineers maneuver their drones across a track and through specially designed obstacles.

Aviation Combattre

Contraption (By the Association of Mechanical Engineering)

This event was about tricking the participant’s mind into framing the most complex and toughest solution for a given problem statement, with the ultimate aim of performing a task. This event tested the students’ mettle in various subjects like mechanics, electronics and physics. It proved to intrigue participants and gather their attention.

AquaJet (by Association of Mechanical Engineering)

AquaJet elicited the participants’ curiosities in rockets. Its main theme was to innovate a rocket powered by water. The participants got to design their own Water Rockets with aerodynamic fins and nose cones. They also had to find the perfect launch mechanism for their Aqua Jet!

An aquajet propelled

The other technical events include Potential Professor, various Paper presentations and coding events,  Aerogami, treasure hunts and modelling activities.

Bridge-it , a structure modelling contest

Video conference

A video conference was arranged with Mr.Rajkumar, Alumnus, TEDx speaker and Professor at Carnegie Mellon University on the topic ‘Autonomous Driving Vehicle’. He gave various insights into the current trends in the field and pointers on the ongoing research at his university regarding the same.

The Product Expo

Eureka was an exclusive platform for the students of PSG Tech to exhibit their innovative ideas in the form of projects and abstracts. The race car developed by Pegasus Racing, the Student formula team of PSG Tech for FSAE was also put up for display near the bridge.

Workshops and non technical events

Apart from technical events, the fest had a number of workshops ranging from Sensorics to utilizing Python in Data Analytics organised by various departments and associations. Other workshops included responsive web design and Artificial Intelligence to name a few. The workshops saw many enthusiastic people turn up to surfeit their thirst in their fields of interest.

The non technical events like the General Quiz, Forencist, Face Painting were well received by the visitors and kept them on their toes.

A face painting

Bringing the Sherlock in participants


In contrast to the previous years, this year the much-awaited overall trophy was introduced which was bagged by our counterpart- PSG iTech. Certificates and prizes were awarded to the winners on the last day of Kriya. To sum up, the event turned out to be a great success with many young participants from various colleges. Kriya 2k18 proved to be the yardstick for all future inter-collegiate events on campus.

Photographs courtesy : Students’ Union of PSG Tech


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