On Campus Nov 18, 2015

By Reshma V (B.E. CSE, 2013-2017)

“The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth!”

Among the several successful events and programmes that are organised by the various clubs in PSG Tech, one environmentally responsible event that has proved to stand out in terms of the good work, the massive participation and an outstanding team work is the one that was recently conducted by Global Leaders Forum (GLF). Organised on the 6th and 7th of October this year, it has been continually organised for the past 5 years in the college. On the first day, as the entire GLF team was conscientious in their roles for a kick start before 8.30 at the quadrangle, students and faculty were attracted by the arrangements already and started buzzing around the area. The Q-angle looked spruced up by the presence of the numerous flower pots and creepers that around it. What could give such an event a better first impression than greenery itself?! The preliminary motto of the event was to strike an awareness among the faculty and students in the college for a greener and better world. And the event was organised to make the motto achieved and also to have fun while doing it.

A giant banner was printed for the same purpose which would allow the students and faculty to stamp in a promise that they make to the earth. Stamps were kept ready bearing slogans like ‘Save Water’,’ Preserve Fauna’, ‘Recycle and Reuse’, ‘Minimize Pollution’ and ‘Promote Afforestation’. The participants not only contributed to filling the entire banner with multi colored slogans, but also took a silent oath to keep up the promise. A small surprise awaited them afterwards. Every participant received a cool stamp on their own hands that said ‘Conserve Earth’ as a proof that they have done their bit towards the beginning of a greener earth!

The massive banner filled
The massive banner filled

On the other edge of the Q-angle was even greater buzz. When enquired, it was the area where free sapling was distributed to anyone interested and efficient in maintaining them. There were around 450 sapling that were arranged and kept so appealingly for anyone to want one. But the students made sure they did not pick one up for themselves unless they were absolutely sure they could maintain and nourish it properly. Even then, all of them were picked up within 2 days! This mind-set, by itself showed explicitly that they had already pledged towards doing responsible work for the planet.

Participants showing off their tatoos!
Participants showing off their tattoos!

The Q-angle was teeming with students all through the day. The secretary of the club says that she expected that event would be a success, but not in such a tremendous might. She adds that she is overwhelmed that there was a huge response on the idea of conserving earth, and that she wishes for the participants to continue with the same enthusiasm and do good work for the earth. She obliges to thank the entire team for the excellent coordination, on the lack of which the event would not have gone all right. She states that everyone in the team handles the event as their own, which was the reason for the amazing coordination and hopes for it to continue.  She also takes pleasure in thanking Dr. G. Menaka, (Associate Professor, Department of English and Faculty Advisor, Team GLF) for her support throughout the event. She claims that without her help things would not have gone so smoothly and that she made things easy for the team.

The samplings
The saplings

As the event was coming to its end, as the banner was almost full and as the sapling were almost all taken, there was nothing but rejoice among the team. The next day, the banner was proudly hung over the F-Block to display in its magnitude, the amount of awareness that was created and the mammoth success in promoting a greener planet among the people of PSG Tech!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Reshma RESHMA V (B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, 2013-2017) is a tech-savvy person who loves to explore gadgets. She is passionate about learning new languages and looks forward to speaking French. She loves to write and read light hearted material. Being a movie buff, she also has exceptional talents in creative arts with out-of-the-box thinking.
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