Living the right way

Poetry May 1, 2015

Enjoy everything that you do,
Do everything that you desire,
You live only once my friend,
Regret shouldn’t fill your end.

Make sure your life is amazing,
Never shall you stop dreaming,
Cause if you let go of it once,
You’ll end up an aimless dunce.

You have to be eager, yet be calm,
Be a little crazy, never lose your charm,
Remember that being bold is beautiful,
And also remember to be enthusiastic and cheerful.

When situations demand,
You need to be fierce and daring,
But in general don’t forget,
To be gentle and caring.

Participate in everything you can,
Laugh, run and dance.
You may be a little tired,
Smile, rest and take another chance.

Drink all you can,
Eat all that is edible,
Cause you have no time,
Death is inevitable.

Always be excited,
Give your brilliant best,
Live free by a mile,
Enjoy responsibly all the while.


Manne Narayana Chandradhar

Manne Narayana Chandradhar is a poet and a freelance writer. Apart from literature, his other keen interests include travelling, football and food. He is always ready to try anything new.