LOGIN 2017

On Campus Oct 2, 2017

An international level technical symposium by and for masterminds

Logo design by JOEL ANTONY XAVIOUR (M.Sc. Data Science, 2017-2022 ) and VELLINGIRI P (MCA 2015-2018)


LOGIN, an international level technical symposium hosted by the Department of Computer Applications Association and Computational Sciences Association is a platform for postgraduate students to compete against the finest minds, crack and decode challenging problems and thus reveal their talents and innovative ideas. The much anticipated 28th edition returned with a bang, reaching out far and wide across 35+ colleges in India. This year’s theme, “Darwinism of Cryptdosh”, revolved around the importance of cyber security and crypto currency, adhering to the current technical scenario. Fourteen events comprising of nine on site and five online events were conducted, spread across the 23rd and 24th of September. The main program sponsors were 24/7, Arcesium and KLA Tencor.

KLA Tencor, conducting an interactive session.


The month before LOGIN is always fun, however exhilarating the work may be. The students work together, irrespective of their department or batch. True to the saying- “teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”, LOGIN has various teams behind its success story. The accommodation and catering team upheld the fact that our college is among the best providers of hospitality. The decoration team worked together to make the campus look more beautiful and grand. Everything would not have been so smooth if not for the hall and media team’s long toils. The Quality assurance and purchase teams made sure that there was nothing people could point fingers at and the Entertainment team did its best to unleash the magic on the audience on the D-day. The invitation, web development, publicity, and sponsorship teams proved to be the backbone of the event.

The selfie booth and the stalls, made the event look livelier.


A promo of the event that was released two weeks before the event itself raised the expectations to a whole new level. The symposium kickstarted with the inaugural function, presided by Mr. Jagannath Bharadwaj, Assistant Vice president, Cognizant Technology Solutions. The Presidential address was given by the principal of PSG College of Technology, Dr. R.Rudramoorthy and the chief guest launched COMAPP, the technical online magazine loaded with an amalgam of student written articles, poems, and write-ups centred around the this year’s theme. LOGIN thus proved its special feature of portraying the importance of its theme to the public.

QR codes were pasted all over the campus, for better accessibility to COMAPP.

On the D day, the technical event organizers were on their toes, making sure everything was set right, before the start of each event. A review of an event would be incomplete without a quick look into what each event had in store for its participant. Given below is a sneak peek into all the thirteen events. Triple Trouble was one of the most sought after events with a whooping registration of 120 people (in teams of 3). This event exposed the hidden Sherlock within each participant. What good is a technical symposium, without a core event!? Algocode was a coding event which put to test each contestant’s programming and logical skills. An onsite quiz event, InQuizitives made each quizzer put their brains to good use under critical and agile conditions. Eureka, an event that let the students present their innovations of real world problems in the fields of Cyber Security and Machine Learning was welcomed by the participants. The event which the gaming fanatics were waiting for, “The Last Stand”, tested the gaming skills in 3 popular games, namely, Need for Speed – Most Wanted, FIFA and Call of Duty. Two other events, Ad-Tract and XPERT were enjoyed by creative and competitive minds.  Another event, Math Pirates gave an opportunity for the participants to prove their caliber. Prelims were held on the first day for all the onsite events, followed by the finals, the next day. The online events, namely, Net Hunt, Artistry, Dark Knight, Hack-a-venture and Pro Geeks found enthusiastic participants from all around.

Aptly designed logos.


LOGIN is not only about technical events, but is also an excellent opportunity for the alumni to visit the college and reminisce about their good ol’ days. The interactive session with the alumni was something that the students always look forward to, especially the freshers. It is informal, fun and warm.
The entertainment night, that took place on the evening of 23rd witnessed many amazing dance performances covering various genres like semi-classical, folk and western. The light music concerts had everyone tapping their foot and swaying to the tunes. The day ended with a sumptuous buffet dinner and the evening left everyone in high spirits.

Spreading contagious energy to the crowd.

After the final rounds of technical events the next day, the crowd gathered for the most important event, which enthralled the staff, judges and students alike – Star of LOGIN. It is an event where the participants are roasted by the judges who give them hypothetical situations and fun tasks, testing their presence of mind and attitude, thus making it one of the events that everybody looks forward to, every year. The person with the ability and presence of mind to make lemonade out of lemons, is the one who is most likely to win.

The Star of LOGIN, playing it hard.


The event was followed by the results declaration and valedictory function, which filled the room with a lot of anticipation. Mr. Sairam Veerasamy, Senior Director, Innovations Program, VMWare, India, presided as the chief guest for the evening. His valuable words stirred the interests of the students, explaining the importance of the theme taken and how the students could carry forward their ideas in this field. Students from The University of Hyderabad bagged the overall winners trophy while Mr. Mayank Tripathi from NIT-Suratkal was awarded the Star of LOGIN trophy, for his sportive attitude and confidence.

The overall trophy winners.


Just like how watching a movie is incomplete without taking a look at the making and bloopers, the making of LOGIN video (MOL in short) will always be close to every student’s heart. Loud cheers and roars filled the hall, as the coordinators and their coworkers caught a glimpse of their efforts in the video.

It is true to say that LOGIN is more like a family get-together, rather than a technical symposium. Students, participants and the staff left with happy memories, acknowledging with heavy hearts the fact that they would have to wait one whole year for the next iteration of LOGIN.

For more details, LOG IN to https://psglogin.in/


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