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An overview of the Centies Champion’s Trophy-17

By J.Priyankha(M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science, 2015-2020)
Photos by Aravinth M (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018) ,Ramanathan (B.E, Robotics,2016-2020) , Akilesh (B.E Computer Science)
The air reverberating with energy; every eye in the room glued to the black-ribbed orange ball; anticipating, for it to reach its destination – this was the scenario seen during the Quarterfinals of the Centies Champions Trophy-17 held at PSG Tech Indoor Sports Complex on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of February this year.
“We are not a team of 11 but we promise that you can find the right meaning of entertainment”, was the tagline of the event. It definitely met its standards – not only was it entertaining, it also portrayed the dedication, perseverance, and determination of every team member present.

PSG TECH vs SRI ESHWAR EC (blue & yellow)

For the 1st Centies Championship Trophy, the quarterfinals held on 4th February witnessed two matches – the first between KONGU EC and SREC and the second between PSG TECH and SRI ESHWAR EC.
The one between PSG TECH and SRI ESHWAR EC was an exhilarating match. The score in the final quarter was 94-70 paving the way for SRI ESHWAR EC to the finals.
Similarly, the 8th Centies Championship Trophy, the quarterfinal between SRIT and KPR was a nail biting match; both the teams were neck to neck until the 3rd quarter and 54-43 in the last quarter. The whole match held the audience captive with its energy bouncing around the stadium.
KONGU EC vs SREC (Green & White)

The finals of the 1st Centies Champion’s trophy was won by BIT, played against KCT (69-60) and that of 8th Centies Championship Trophy was bagged by KONGU EC.
Your team becomes your family, the ball becomes your best friend, the court becomes your home, and the game becomes your life”.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which team wins – it’s about the passion that drives them to keep moving forward. The game had one winner but every player present had won the hearts of many.


Priyankha J ( Theoretical Computer Science,  2015-2020)  is an  avid book reader who likes to explore, and learn from anything to everything. She is also a passionate dancer.

ARAVImag4NTH M (B.E. Mechanical, 2014-2018) hails from Chidambaram. He is passionate about cars and sports. He has immense interest in Photography and believes that photos capture the moment and frame it for a lifetime.

RAMANATHAN KASIVISWANATHAN (B.E, ROBOTICS,2016-2020) is an enthusiastic wildlife photographer, passionate athlete and a fan of science fiction. One of his favorite pass-times include updating himself on recent developments in the automation field.
AKILESH(B.E. Computer Science, 2016-20)
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