Miscellaneous Dec 20, 2020

Loyalty, love and quick feet;

They do anything  for a treat!

Guess what I am talking about? YES! It’s about dogs. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a stray one or if you have an innate allergic reaction to them or in the worst case, you’ve ever been bitten by one and gone through the elaborate treatment ceremony, fair warning: this article is definitely not for you!

As someone who is completely in love with anything tame that can bark, I can give you ten real reasons why cannis lupis familiaris is, in so many ways, a better specimen than they’re made to look like:

  1. Their happiness can heal! A dog at home can show you how welcoming a real welcome can be. They can make you feel completely adored, loved and wanted and all that they expect back is a pat on the back or even an encouraging look will suffice.  Studies reveal that just playing with dogs can considerably elevate your mood and erase depression. They induce the influx of dopamine in our blood, unlike some people who certainly help elevate blood pressure!
  2. They are the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material. They look at you as if you deserve the world, tag along with you all day long if permitted, are in the least bothered about how catastrophic or funny you look, reach out to you at your every beck and call, probably know your mood swings better than you and most importantly put you before the world. Not considering the fact that they don’t possess a wallet. They would be the perfect partner.
  3. They don’t know how to talk ! How often have you been annoyed over a random, unidentifiable person, endlessly trying to get you to relate to the totally un-relatable or about something bland and uninteresting. In such cases, nurturing a dog at home is a huge plus as there is no talk; they just listen and also, people obviously talk less when you have an animal with sharp teeth so close to you.
  4. If you despise babysitting, crying and being kicked in the flesh, trust me, you will like puppies so much better, because they don’t throw tantrums or necessarily wear diapers. Well, that does mean they need training.
  5. Love -  they define it. They shower you with admiration and adoration coupled with incredible acceptance and in return, just expect your attention. Loyalty - they live by it. They accept no other human in your place. And nothing in the world can make them hate you. Life - well, they make it so much easier. Because with a dog by your side, you never feel alone.
  6. They smell better with a comparatively lesser number of baths in a week and far lesser use of perfumes. Dogs have a lesser number of sweat glands than humans, with most of them being  concentrated on the paws and the tongue. In stark contrast with humans, if a dog were bathed only thrice a week, the dog would smell less disgusting. Low maintenance is a blessing.
  7. Choose dogs because they are never choosy! As long as you don’t spoil them right from the start, that definitely stands. They are blissfully happy even if you feed them only their basic requirements.  Also, they inherit food habits from their masters. People do raise vegetarian dogs as well.
  8. They don’t get married off or suffer breakups. If you hate distancing yourself from your lifelong friend just because he or she has suddenly found their mate, then you better attach yourself to a dog because they are here to stay or more like they don’t have a choice.
  9. No matter how much you pay for a guard at home, they can never outperform these lifeguards. With an exceptional sense of smell, and ears that can never act deaf (except maybe in some specific breeds). They are better than the best of trained humans out there.
  10. They don’t know economics or politics and hence they have nothing in the whole big blue marble that they find reason enough to compromise on you. You always come first and who in the world doesn’t like priority?

The list of reasons are endless but being pretty sure that I've already convinced you, let’s conclude it here. These cute furballs are adorable and I hope you’re aware that you can’t always say the same about a human. So the next time you need company or therapy, you know where to find it.


Annie Iniya

You will find her sinking into the background amidst awkward social conversations.