The Pandemic: Stockholm Syndrome

Musings Sep 20, 2020

Locked up inside doors, every stranger on the streets seems like a suspect. Mild sneezes are now not accompanied by a "Bless you!" A cough sounds like the siren of an ambulance. Days pass in isolation and nights are haunted by nightmares of the morgue. Fear is suddenly living a celebrity life. This is the state the world currently is in but does it not remind you of something? Is it just me or is anyone here reminded of Nazi Germany?

A dictator does seem to be the reason. Only this time, he is not of our species and definitely not a racist. He is up against the whole of humanity, hiding in their basements.

In my attempt to stay sane and safe from this dictator, I come up with the weirdest of ideas. One such curious idea is to personify this pandemic, and to my surprise, he seems a sport.

This assumed-to-be person is a party lover. If your plans include meeting up with friends and having fun, then count him in. He doesn’t need an invite. Not kidding, he attracts people better and way quicker. He is the "feverish” sensation gripping the world.

Behold his outfit! It is complicated and also renders him invisible to the naked eye, making it convenient to throw surprises and spook people. He has a very talented designer who makes sure nothing beats or breaks his masterpiece. He seems rich enough to hire the best.

I am envious of his personality. He is the cool person who has savage comebacks for all your defensive strategies; the star teenager on his world tour, rocking places and leaving people speechless. And the best part? He doesn't care about getting avoided. Sanitize and slam masks all you want; he'll take it in his stride. But the moment you sympathize or hesitate, he'll mix with your breath and become one with you. His attitude must be appreciated.

He is also considerate towards the old, so compassionate that he spends a sizable amount of time with them. Which teenager today is that sympathetic? He does deserve high commendation for his mercy! Such an irony, since I was holding him in Hitler's place only moments ago. He also goes about performing the task of a missionary preaching against selfishness if you want to save the planet, someone similar to John the Baptist who gives you only two options: refrain from your regular life or die.

His charming nature aside, he has the wickedness and wisdom to be a great politician. Every business that has its roots in him is flourishing. The others? Well, he doesn’t care one bit. He terrifies people and they would do anything in the world to be on his good side. He rules without bothering about the mighty task of winning an election. What were you expecting? He is a dictator, not a democrat.

His aura is like that of Hades who goes about his usual duty of mass destruction with increased vigour. The heavy population disturbs him. And yes, I finally succeeded in establishing his dictatorship: He kills in masses and feeds his arrogance from it. Hiding from him is mission impossible. There is not one place on this planet where you can hide. He has the eyes of a God. There will be a place of worship devoted to him soon, considering we always believe in the appeasement of the supernatural. He does seem terrifying beyond our level of reason.

He is deadly attractive as well. He has insidiously mixed with all my thoughts and actions. If I didn't know any better, I would say I was in love! All my thoughts are about him and only him. If you are facing the same problem, please divert yourself. I promise, he is a toxic lover and winning people over is what he does all the time.

What impresses me the most about him is that he delivers a treatment that looks past genders, races, religions, nations, and all other possible discriminations. We should erect a statue of equality in his memory sometime soon, if we all manage to escape his wrath.


Annie Iniya

You will find her sinking into the background amidst awkward social conversations.