Photo of the Week #3

On Campus Jan 9, 2015

Team Bridge has an enthusiastic click of photographers who work through the clock to provide photos that corroborate articles written by the team of writers. Besides that, they work on Photography articles. ‘Photo of the week’ brings a fresh perspective to ‘The Bridge’ and to the click of photographers. The photographers work in unison and come up with photos related to a ‘theme’. To stay true to our roots, the first ever theme is ‘PSG Tech’.

The final dash- Scenes at the end of the PSG Tech Mini Marathon

The PSG Tech Mini Marathon, sponsored by the Students' Union and Rich Little, was conducted on the 4th of January 2015. The Mini Marathon saw 947 enthusiastic participants from the PSG Polytechnic college and PSG College of Technology, students and faculty.


Anirudh Nanduri

Anirudh Nanduri is a passionate photographer, who loves to travel. Highly interested in the field of vedic science, he is very spiritual in nature. He has a knack for logical reasoning and biking.