On Campus Mar 20, 2015
Memories of school life and college life, like blooming flowers, remain afresh in our mind and never fade.

None of us will forget our school annual day experiences, like that, Tech day is PSG Tech’s annual day which will remain etched in the memories of all those who were a part of it.

Each and every person has his or her own likes and dislikes; Tech Day is linked with everyone for different reasons.

For some students it symbolizes the day which recognizes the achievements they have accomplished throughout their college life, for others it’s the gate pass to the real world; the day they realize that their college life has come to an end. For some it’s just another day in college where they get to bunk the last two hours and get free snacks and ice cream from Annapoorna - the taste of Coimbatore.

The day casts a totally different spell on the parents, it’s the day where they see their dreams come true, the day which turns the time wheel around some 20 -25 years back; a traversal into their college lives, the day they realize that their child is not just a child anymore but a man or woman ready to set foot into this world and live independently; the day they realize the chain of dependency between them and their children has been broken.

This year’s Tech day saw a big turnout. F block Assembly Hall on Tech Day.

The event began with an enchanting inaugural song in F block conference hall amidst numerous smiling faces.

Top: Best Instrumentalist Award - Aravind; Bottom: Best Vocalist Award - Keerthana

Clad in formal attires, the members of the Students’ Union briskly hosted the event and made the audience feel at home. The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Ugandhar, Co-Chairperson, Students Union.

Mr. C. Nithybhan, Chairperson, Students Union presented an annual report of the students Union. The report comprised of the various activities conducted by the Students Union in the year 2014-2015. The Students union presided over 64 events including Kriya, Intrams, TEDx to mention a few and conducted 10 workshops in the year 2014-2015.

Dr. R. Rudramoorthy, Principal, PSG College Of Technology, the second home to over 8650 students, delivered the presidential address and presented with pride the annual report of the college.

Some of the key features of the report were statistical data about the college, data relating to sports activities, examination results (average pass percentage was 95 %), foreign exchange programs, scholarships etc.

The Chief Guest motivating the gathering.

The event was graced by the presence of Mr Vikas B Sharma, Director-vehicle systems, General Motors Technical Centre India, Bangalore.

The Chief Guest moved the crowd by giving an inspirational speech on recent engineering trends. He motivated the crowd saying “engineers are for the society”. He went on to talk about the soft-skills required for survival in the industry. He was felicitated by Dr R Rudramoorthy, Principal, PSG College of Technology.

Later on, the event witnessed the most awaited session of the day; the award distribution.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

A sneak peek into the numerous awards distributed to both students and faculty on tech day.

Best Professor Award
Best Outgoing Student Awardees
Best Sportsperson Awards
The hype of the event, the Koorathalvar Award, went to Mr. B. Surya Madan, final year Robotics & Automation’ Engineering.
Dr. P. D. Prakash Memorial Award went to Mr. MohanDaas, final year Robotics & Automation Engineering.

Thanks - a small word which conveys a huge meaning.

The event ended successfully with the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary, Students Union.

Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary, Students Union.

The event was a grand success and Tech day was a day to be relished by each Techian.


Vaishali S

Along with Sooraj V S

Vaishali is a voracious reader, passionate artist and math lover. She loves to code and write her own poems. She is a die hard movie fan who would willingly watch a movie even in Greek and Latin.