The Raga Series

The Raga Series Dec 5, 2019

Music is an essentially prominent aspect of our lives, no matter where we hail from or who we are. We grow with music; we sustain feelings with it; we learn to cope, experience joy, dismay, agony, empathy and every other possible emotion with its clarity. When words fail to decipher the thoughts we carry, music comes to aid.

I am certain that almost everyone can relate to these words, not just because we listen to music but because sometimes we truly experience it. The Raga Series aims a farther reach to this perception and receptivity. The emotion (rasa) that is perceived from music in its widest expanse could be enhanced many more times with a better understanding of the nuances and details that it is delivered with. This series would help provide that clarity. The Raga-Rasa relationship that the series would elucidate on would give us a more clear and enjoyable version of songs we love, of the songs that have been part of our everyday playlist for as long as we can remember. Carnatic music is an ocean in itself and comprehending and relating thousands of ragas involved in its waters with our personal favourite songs is what The Raga Series holds as its purpose. The effect would be an impactful view on music itself, which is extensively lacking now. 

Every episode of the series would deal with one Raga in specific with its various kinds of emotional deliveries, significance and attributes along with a listener’s suggestions column to find a more personal connection with the raga, to provoke the designated bhava (emotion or feeling) and enjoy its corresponding rasa (essence). Each raga could emphasize on various sentiments in different contexts and its evolution in each such case is important for its effective understanding. With these ideas at heart, The Raga Series marks its beginning believing:

Music should not just be listened to, it should be lived.

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Sandhya Ramesh

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