Real games, but not so real!

Sci Tech Oct 23, 2014

Over the years, everything related to computers and technology, has attained great heights. This includes the vast domain of gaming. Out of all genres of technology, gaming is one which demands change and improvement quite frequently. I am sure everyone would second me on that. One of the most speculated and awaited advancement in the world of  gaming has been virtual reality. Ever since I started playing a computer game, I’ve wondered how awesome it would be if all that were real-Road Rash, Midtown Madness, Vice City, Mario and a whole bunch of others. And now, it’s all possible!

Sergey OrlovskIy using the First version of Oculus Rift development kit (Orlovsky and Oculus Rift by Sergey Galyonkin/ CC BY-SA 2.0)

 Get into the Game!

I presume, most of the gamers would have an overview of what Virtual Reality or VR is? For others who are agnostic, it is a developing technology with which reality can be simulated. In other words, we get to experience what is actually not real. Can you imagine the stuff we could do with this? I could totally live in a world where magic and dragons exist, and I don’t really get hurt. When you are connected to a VR apparatus, mainly a headset, data gloves and data suit, you feel as if you are in another world, able to do things you have done only on a 2D screen, with a mouse or a joystick, a keyboard and what not.

Oculus VR Headset (Photo by Sebastian Stabinger - Own work, CC BY 3.0)


A notable product in VR gaming is the Oculus Rift, being developed by Oculus VR, an American VR technology company. The Rift is a head-mounted display (HMD) for the VR gear. Yeah, it does all the transporting to the other world stuff.

See what it’s got

A consumer version of the Rift has not been released yet but is about to be released in and around April 2015. So get ready with the list of games you’d want to play with the Rift. Some of the games which have added support to Rift are Team Fortress 2, Skyrim, Museum of The Microstar, Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Portal 2 and Hawken. ‘The Gallery: Six Elements’ is one game which is being designed specifically for Oculus Rift instead of adding support to an existing game. Don’t worry if the game you were looking out for is not in the list above, because I’m sure it will be, soon enough.

 Are you a Dragonborn?.

Skyrim V (By Source, Fair use)

Hurray!! The game I’m looking for is out there. I can’t wait to get my hands on “Virtual Reality” Skyrim. Those who are familiar with this game would understand the itching I have now. Travelling on a picturesque, Incredibly defined Tamriel, Riding horses, Forging your own weapons and armour, Learning and using the vast set of spells, Blasting the Draugr of the dungeons with your Thu’um, Collecting different ingredients and making potions and poisons, Sneaking, Pickpocketing, Lock-picking, Buying houses, Decorating them, Slaying dragons and a lot more to enjoy.

And to think I’ll be able to do all of this by being inside the game – it’s IMPECCABLE!

Though it gets me excited, one thing tells me to calm down, telling me that I may not be able to do this. Like any other new awesome, mind-blowing technology, this will probably have one disadvantage- the ‘COST’. Of course people will buy it, but not everyone who wants to. But I believe, as time passes, more effective and cost-efficient methods and ideas will come forth and VR gaming will slowly become as common as regular gaming, as it has happened in the past.

And finally, I’ll be able to “Get into it”.


Naveen S

Naveen is a passionate writer who loves programming and all kinds of music. He is a person who believes one can have many identities. His real life inspiration is Chinmayi Sripada.