Realising Reality

Musings Nov 29, 2020

Every one of us has a behaviour towards crisis. Some face it undeterred, some seek out for help, some give up, some procrastinate facing it, but what most of us choose is the easiest way out – run away from reality. Interestingly, most of us know what our reality is, what our truth is while being chased by it but we turn blind to it. We are often also aware of the consequences that would follow if reality was forgotten.

However, we hope with greedy hearts that for once, this would not end up being true. We crave for reality to transition into a lie, we yearn for a chance apart from what the real world has to offer, we convince our broken hearts that it will pass. What we fail to realize is that, yes, this too shall pass, but only if we are prepared to tackle the reality of the situation. We do not acknowledge how crucial it is to deal with reality when it demands. We are so engrossed in running away that reality in itself seems abstract.

Therefore, we then decide to ignore reality, not just to set it aside. We ignore its essentiality, its purpose, its goal, its role and its existence. We ignore the glimpses of the past that show us a sneak peek to reality, we ignore the incidents that taught us realistic lessons, we ignore the people, the feelings, the virtue and the essence that come along with this reality. We ignore the demons of reality threateningly standing before our eyes and so when ignoring it is not enough to get rid of it, when nonchalance does not seem to be the key for escape, we choose belief.

We begin believing that there is no reality at all in question. We believe reality is merely a term with no meaning or prominence in one’s life. We believe that reality is not practicality, that reality is what the mind thinks and not what actually is. We believe reality to be what we portray it to be. Moreover, because we start believing we can shape reality ourselves, its place is taken by unreasonable hallucination and imagination. We believe reality to be our thoughts, however shallow, incoherent, scattered and chaotic they are. Reality, as a result, does not remain real to us and rather becomes a figment of our self-satisfaction.

This is where we face the biggest disappointment. While trying this hard to clear and sweep away the reality of our plight, we do not see the bigger picture of life. We do not understand that reality exists in its unadulterated form, however hard we may try to alter it. Reality remains static, not necessarily desirable but it remains pure, queer in its own way and most fundamental for greatness, just the way it is. Reality sustains itself through filtered lies, cons and manipulations. Reality outgrows the truth of its ignorance, disbelief and disregard and always shows up at the end, holding the upper hand.

We tell ourselves that there is no such thing as reality. In a wider sense, there is indeed no reality common to us. We each have our tales, we have our realities, and we evolve them within our lives. Yet, at one moment, we will have to confront that self-moulded reality even if we believe otherwise. Reality does not perish because of our beliefs. Reality only changes to something better when we rewrite its history using courage.

Because reality is another name to truth and no one can redesign our truths, can they?


Sandhya Ramesh

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