Relish the Present

Poetry Nov 03, 2014

Feel that every day is new

And that you have only a few

Live life at its full

Never stretch out to pull

Go on and on

Your worries will be gone

Never fear to lose

Treat life as a cruise


Put your past in a sack

And leave it in your back

Today is a gift so pleasant

That’s why it’s called present


Life is like a tour

On the way is a cure

For all worries and pain

Which, through travel, you gain


Never ever try to quit

When there’s a mess, face it

Life is a lot of fun

Don’t miss it and run


Naveen S

Naveen is a passionate writer who loves programming and all kinds of music. He is a person who believes one can have many identities. His real life inspiration is Chinmayi Sripada.

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