Republic Day 2015 at PSG Tech

On Campus Feb 1, 2015

Living in a completely divergent and busy society, many citizens find meagre success in organizing and integrating the entire nation into a society. Republic day is not only meant to remember the leaders who established the democratic constitution, but also to prove the power of democracy and integrity among Indians.  PSG Techians unravelled integrity through their NCC Parade performance owing on the nation’s Republic day on 26th January.

The chief guest and principal of PSG Collegeof Technology, Dr.R.Rudramoorthy was welcomed by the parade. He hoisted the tricoloured national flag, which represents courage and sacrifice, peace and truth, faith and chivalry. This was followed by the national anthem.

The chief guest Dr. R Rudramoorthy inspected the various squads of PSG College of Technology and PSG Polytechnic College. He took the honour of the parade commander, Cadet senior under officer, S Krishnadevarayan, ¼ Tamil Nadu Battalion NCC led by cadet under officer, M Guru, 5 Tamil Nadu Battalion NCC led by senior under officer, K Nirmal Kumar, 5 Tamil Nadu Girls Battalion NCC led by cadet under officer, S Monika, 2 Tamil Nadu Composite Technical Company NCC led by cadet under officer, V Gopalakrishnan, 5 Tamil Nadu Air squadron technical NCC led by flight cadet, R Vimal Raj. This was followed by an oath taking ceremony led by the chief guest Dr. R Rudramoorthy, in which every person took an oath that he/she will abide by the rules of the government to solve any social or political problem.

March past:

The Republic day March Past was begun after the senior parade commander S Krishnadevarayan sought permission from the chief guest, Dr. R Rudramoorthy. The parade proved the greatest morals discipline, unity and integrity among the cadets. Not only the cadets, but also the audience souls were integrated by the commands, “Parade Vish ram, Parade Saav dhan, Jai hind Sahb!”. The chief guest and the Principal of PSG College of Technology, Dr. R Rudramoorthy appreciated the cadets on behalf of every student for the parade performed.

The Republic day message:

The chief guest and the principal of PSG College of Technology, Dr. R Rudramoorthy, in his republic day message, yellow-marked national integrity. He also mentioned the importance of GDP growth which influences the most in the nation’s economy. He inspired the blooming engineers through his motivational speech, saying that it is their responsibility to build up eco-friendly technology based agriculture. He also encouraged the advancements in communication field that is being achieved through mobile phones, computers and satellites. He mentioned the importance of every student in nation building to head our nation to the status of “A developed nation”. He said that by 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 27, which means that India is a country of youngsters; also, it is a country with 64% of its population in the working age group. He said that every individual is responsible for the development of the nation, and added that one should not blindly predict that the government alone should work for the nation’s development.

The Rifle drill:

Mass drill exercises were performed by the battalion 5 Tamil Nadu Air squadron technical NCC, led by flight cadet R Vimal Raj. The republic morning was glorified by the V-formation by cadets, followed by straight and inclined line formations. The cadets showed off the confidence in team men and themselves by throwing the rifle blindly and catching it in the mid air. This was followed by plus formation and circle. The squad was dispersed after the flight cadet R Vimal Raj sought permission from the chief guest, Dr. R Rudramoorthy.

The cadets were given away the prizes and certificates for their annual performance by the chief guest and Principal of PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Dr. R Rudramoorthy. The chief guest and other members had a look over the astounding models of Vikrant and PSLV designed and modeled by the cadets of ½ Engineer’s Platoon.

The republic day function came to a cessation with the anthem of national integrity “Jana Gana Mana”.


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Along with Sooraj V S

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