Students' Union 2015-2016 Inaugural function

On Campus Sep 16, 2015

The Inaugural function of the students union 2015-16 took place on 13th august in the F-Block seminar hall. It was buzzing with vibrant energy as the crowd comprising mostly of first years started to pour in. They were eager to know what the Students union was all about. As the clock ticked 11 there were no more seats left and the buzzing sound continued. Then the crowd suddenly became silent as the Principal and The Chief guest of the event came in.

The dignitaries lead by our very own principal Dr.R.Rudramoorthy , The Chief guest Dr.B.N.Suresh  and Dr.K.Natraj,Dean, Student affairs occupied the dias along with Chairman and Co-chairman of Students Union. Then followed the prayer song and the lighting of the kutuvizhaku.

Dr.K.Natrajan who welcomed the gathering and the guest of honor. He stressed the importance of clubs and associations in the holistic development of a student. “ PSG Tech has 20 clubs and 40 associations”.

The SU Chairman addressing the gathering

The activity plan of the year was provided by Arun, Chairman , Students Union. He wanted an impoved social and cultural environment in the college through the clubs and associations and mutual contact between students. He also wants to establish harmony in the various college activities. The first event of the year is the INTRAMS 2015-16 which is an intracollege cultural and technical event which is scheduled to happen on September 19th. The Alumni interaction seminar where the prominent alumni of various departments address the students is an important program. Student improment programs such as Project planning , Group discussion and mock interviews , UPSC and service commissions are also scheduled to take place.

This will be followed by the flagship event of the SU which is KRIYA which is the intercollegiate technical symposium where students from different colleges meet for knowledge sharing seminars and technical competitions. He also promised that SU will give continued assistance in molding the students and supporting their passion.

Honouring of the Chief Guest

The presidential address was delivered by our very own principal Dr.R.Rudramoorthy who welcomed the gathering and cherished the presence of a  scientist for the inaugural function. “I believe extra-curricular input for students in addition to classroom learning is essential for the all round holistic development of a student.” He said that the transformation required in college should be swift and fast as we have only 4 years in college as opposed to a long schooling education. This transformation cannot be achieved unless backed by self-initiated soft skills and creativity development.

He stressed that the two most important roles of clubs are  developingTeam work and leadership skills. Learning is also better if it happens in an informal way. The rigid point of view of one is countered by others in a team which leads to a solution amicable to everyone. The clubs also serve as a place where like minded people interact. Finally he requested the SU and the clubs to involve as many people as possible out of the 10k students in PSG Tech.

The chief guest for the occasion Padmabhushan Dr.B.N.Suresh is currently serving as the Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished professor at ISRO. He served as the director of Vikram Sarabhai Space center (VSCC) during the period 2003-2007. He is also the founding director of  Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram. He is the recipient of Padma Bhushan(2013), the third highest civilian award in the republic of India.

Dr.B.N.Suresh said he was happy to be back in PSG Tech after a long time. “ It is a unique experience for me to inaugurate the Student’s Union. It is a prominent and important activity”. He said that when IISST was started the plan was to create a student activity center. Students should have a platform where they can showcase their talent. He advised the students to excel in their studies with passion and pursue a career which is close to their hearts.

“I had the privilege of working with Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for 18 years till he shifted to DRDO. SSTC in 1969 was in the initial stage where we learnt and grew while we were still youngsters”. After a tough  day’s work we used to unwind ourselves by playing badminton he says. The involment in physical activity energizes oneself and brings dynamism to an organization. Just the company or even being a spectator is enough for happiness and all round development.

The Principal addressing the gathering
p text align="justify">“Helping the common man is the most important job of an engineer. There are many people in advanced research and technology but very few people to innovate at the basic level and help the common man.” This cannot happen all of a sudden. This needs creativity which can only be developed through involvement in extracurricular activites.

He says there is no need to search for innovative ideas. “Keeping your eyes and ears open is enough to identify the problems and finding solutions”. All of us have the underlying quality to innovate and asked the students not to underestimate their talents. “The boundaries in engineering studies have vanished in recent times and it has become a sort of combined engineering with multidisciplinary engineering groups.”

“Team work is the most important thing for success”. In a successful Sriharikota launch close to 16000 people contribute in a direct or indirect way. It starts with chief engineers to the canteen people to the drivers where everybody have their parts to play as in an opera.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Ashapriyanga , Co-chairman , Students Union. This was followed by the national anthem and the Students Union started its journey towards another successful year.


Subash V B

Along with Anirudh Nanduri

Subash is an avid reader and a movie buff. He enjoys playing tennis and watching football. He loves hanging out with friends and wishes to visit many parts of the world.