Surprisingly Short Stories

Miscellaneous Nov 17, 2014

As a part of Intrams 2014, The Bridge conducted a ‘Surprisingly Short Stories’ contest, a ‘140-character limit story’ challenge. From a plethora of entries we encountered, we chose three deserving winners. 

‘The Catch’ – Meenushree (B.E. EEE, 2011-2015)

“It’s all too good to be true” she said. “Where is the catch?”
It has been ten years since and she is still waiting for the catch.


‘Young Artist’ by Priyanka Rajan (B.Tech Biotechnology, 2013-2017)

Everyone gathered to see the art teacher’s present. Gasp! A doll?
The wise teacher: “My student may be a child prodigy, but she is still 10 yrs old”


‘Death Sprial’ by Vinesh Ramakrishnan (B.E. Production, 2013-2017)

I gasp my dying breathe as I was strangled… Then the cycle began again…
Didn’t know that after death you are doomed to live your last minute again and again..Forever


The sketches are done by Dhineshkumar T (B.E. Civil, 2012-2016)

dhineshkumarDHINESHKUMAR T (B.E. Civil, 2012-2016) has an affinity towards all things artistic. His passion for drawing started with drawing portraits of movie stars. His dream is to become a chief civil engineer and develop his village.

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