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On Campus Mar 17, 2018

Elaborating on the MUN fever that gripped the student population hard last week

By Rahul Anand (M.Sc, TCS 2017-2022), Ananya H (M.Sc, TCS 2017-2022) and Shriram R (B.E EEE, 2017-2021)
Photographs by Shashank Narayanan (M.Sc TCS, 2017-2022)

The second weekend of March (the 9th, the 10th and the 11th) witnessed young graduates dressed in immaculate suits display their debating, reasoning and lobbying skills. The tenth edition of the Young Leaders’ Global Conclave (hosted by the Global Leaders’ Forum, PSG Tech) was a pompous affair with an attendance of over 120 delegates from all over India (the Best delegation award being bagged by SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur). YLGC 2018 simulated five committees – the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the United Nations General Assembly – Disarmament and International Security Council (UNGA-DISEC), the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Club of Rome (CoR), and the International Press.

The three-day event began with an inaugural function presided over by Dr Chandrasekar (Joint Director of Medical, Rural and Health services, Coimbatore), Dr.P.Krishna (Deputy Director, Family Welfare), Dr.Venkatesh (Nodal Officer, National Health Mission), Dr Suresh Kumar (Head of Department of English) and Dr.Menaka (Associate Professor, Department of English and Faculty adviser of the Global Leaders’ Forum). The Deputy Secretary General Ms. Ashfiya Tahir (B.E Robotics and Automation, 2015-2019), delivered the crisp welcome address, following which the chief guests shared their thoughts with the gathering. The Secretary General Mr.Tariq Aziz (B.E Mechanical, 2014-2018) introduced the executive board members of each committee and then declared the conference open.


The agenda of the UNSC was ‘The Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) and the ‘Global War on Terror’. Over the course of three days, the delegates exhibited their top notch oratory skills and put forth various points on their nation’s stance on R2P. Right from the first day, the Delegate of the United States of America (who eventually won the award for the Best Delegate of the council) showcased his immense knowledge about the agenda and made sure that the actions of the USA with respect to R2P were all justified. On the first day, the topic of discussion kept veering towards the situation in Syria and the response of various Governments to that. On the second day, the Delegates’ main point of discussion revolved around ways to improve the doctrine of R2P, in a manner that prevents powerful countries from being able to exploit it. The forenoon session of the third day served as an extension to this discussion. After three days of effective and insightful discussion, a versatile resolution was drafted, but it was not passed since the requirement of a unanimous majority was not met.

The Delegates of UNSC


The UN General Assembly – Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) council battled out on the topic of weaponry- ‘Usage of Lethal Automated Weapon Systems (LAWS) and Lethal Autonomous Robots (LARs) in conflict zones’, to be precise. On the first day, the discussion started with a question as basic as “What is a weapon?” and ended with the discussion of deeper topics such as accountability. The Delegate of the Russian Federation (who was awarded as the Best Delegate) questioned whether something that could save a million lives could be considered unethical. This dilemma set the council on the path to the resolution that was passed at the end of three days. The council meticulously weighed various aspects of using Autonomous equipment such as safety and feasibility, while it was also agreed upon that the use of LAWS could definitely change the war scenario. Three days of intense debating along the same lines led to the passing of a resolution that allowed the use of Lethal Semi – Automated Weapons.

The Delegate of DPRK addressing the committee


Sex workers are one of the most marginalized people in the world. The United Nations Human Rights Council had the agenda ‘Protection of Social, Economic and Political Rights of Sex Workers’. Many of the council members were new to the concept of Model United Nations, but the experienced members of the Executive Board made the first-timers feel completely at home. The delegates had a healthy discussion on the various issues faced by sex workers around the world; health problems and lack of workplace safety to name a few. Right from day one, the Delegates of Belgium and Australia who were on the same page, steadily gathered support among the delegates. Even though their resolution failed to get passed by a narrow margin, they succeeded in preventing the other resolution from getting introduced in the council, thus securing spots in the top prizes of the council.

For a moderated caucus, at UNHRC

The Club of Rome:

Imagine witnessing Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Mark Zuckerberg, Angela Merkel, Jacob Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger and Emmanuel Macron – all in a single room, seriously discussing ‘neo’politics! The ‘Club of Rome’ (a simulation of the NGO and a new addition to YLGC this year) was the first of its kind in India (and arguably, in the world). Despite boasting a smaller attendance when compared to the other committees, CoR witnessed some heated discussions on the rapid emergence of right-wing populism. The crisis committee on refugees on the third day spiced up the discussions, with the delegates claiming different reasons and proposing varied solutions. The council culminated with the proposition of a Joint Policy Paper and debated on the same (including a historic alliance between Putin and Trump!).

The Executive Board of Club of Rome

The closing ceremony on the eve of the third day was graced by the faculty advisers of the GLF – Dr.Menaka, Dr.K.Thillairajan (Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgy) and Mrs.Gunasundari (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE).The Deputy Secretary General delivered the minutes of the conference post which the Nanduri VPS Anirudh, (B.E Mechanical, 2014-2018), Chief Adviser of YLGC 2018, walked the audience through the legacy of YLGC, which was reiterated by several delegates and executive board members during the award distribution.

The phrase ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ was a favorite among the members of GLF. It can be said that the phrase does aptly suit them, as their continued success with the YLGC over the years shows.

The people behind YLGC 2018

The Young Leaders’ Global Conclave is an annual Model United Nations conducted by the Global Leaders’ Forum. YLGC holds the legacy of being one of the oldest MUNs of India and celebrates ten years of MUNning this year.

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