The Evening of Mixed Feelings

On Campus Jul 7, 2015

The bright evening was even brightened by the shimmering dazzle of the graduandsall decked up in their robes in PSG College of Technology. It was theevening of the 13th of June that saw students receive their B.Sc., M.Sc., M.E. and MCA degrees respectively. The sight of these young enthusiasts, ready to thereby face the world, along with their overwhelmingly proud parents would have been a treat to the onlookers.

Moments before the ceremony began would have been unforgettable for all graduands, who for the first time after breaking off to interns are getting to meet their gang of friends; which also turns out to be the last time they will do so officially as students of the college! The quadrangle suddenly seemed liked it was the photo booth for selfies. We, members of THE BRIDGE, wanted to capture these moments in words and pictures, so that it could be treasured by them, and felt by the others.

As we went around looking specifically for groups of friends and their parents forming bigger groups, we realized that the students of the college arepretty skilled insocializing! Hence, we reached out to the maximum possible, before the official ceremony began. Here are the excerpts from the lobbying.

When we decided to start off with a serious questionand asked the various groups about how they managed to prioritise their work and time, most of them answered that there was no need for that and pointed out that they only had fun studying. And a few others claimed to have understood clearly the priority of each work and worked accordingly to result in lavishing results! When asked “What was the one thing that you didn’t imagine yourself doing, but did, solely because of the college?”, a few alleged that they learnt and can now with confidence program and model relating to real world scenarios, a few others claimed that they learnt the importance the self-learning and that the college encouraged them to do so and a few said they developed great leadership qualities which wouldn’t have been near possible if it wasn’t for the college and its atmosphere.

Meanwhile a girl interestingly answered that she never imagined herself gaining so many guy buddies, whom she claims to treasure for a life time! Further, when questioned “What was that one factor or moment of PSG that will ingeniously continue to give goose bumps, every time you think of it later?”, we received an unanimous answer that, claiming to the world that they were alumni of PSG Tech itself will make them extremely proud and that the name said it all in short!. When they were asked to describe their life in PSG Tech in 4 words or less, these are the phrases we received – “Simply Awesome!”, “Hardwork really works!”, “Where Learning met enjoyment!”, “An overwhelming experience!”, “Enjoyment at its best!” and so on. And a few further minutes of chitchatting with them made us to jump to a conclusion that the students of PSG Tech are extremely proud to have played a part here, have learned skills that will make a positive difference in their lives and gained friends for a lifetime!

As the time ran closer to the commencement of the ceremony, everyone settled down in their respected places and grew more silent and serious. It was time for them to receive their hard earned degrees with pride. After our respected principal, Dr.R.Rudramoorthy and our managing trustee Mr.L. Gopalkrishnandeclared the commencement of the convocation, the chief guest for the evening Dr.Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Principal Research Scientist and Associate Vice-President, Infosys labs got onto the dais to express few words that were meant to inspire.

He claimed that college is the only place where young minds get to experiment and gain contacts and form a network of friends with similar interests quoting that “Friends are the greatest assets”. He highlighted the fact that life in hostel is the most rewarding as it teaches slowly, the techniques to face the world outside and people.With a job experience of over 20 years, he is still curious and jumps to learning anything that will keep him updated in his field, he promptly advices the students that it is the only way to shine and sustain in any industry.He posts that the principle of lifelong learning is required for every job.

Garnishing the fact that India is a country with lots of ideas but not enough means of recognising them, he pushes the youngsters into coming up with revolutionary ideas and to not hesitate in expressing them. He ends his short and encouraging speech emphasising on 3 things – To not underestimate the power of intelligence; to not settle in life and keep learning; and to get uneasy, solve real-time problems and possibly get your own start-up running!

All said and done, it was the moment they had all been waiting for! They all came in neatly organised lines, a few in tears that showed astounding happiness, to receive their degree certificates handed over by the dignitaries and posed momentarily for a picture that will go framed on their shelves and stay for a lifetime. It marked the moment for the wards and their parents. With hopes that this was not the end but just the beginning to a new journey, the evening ended with a dinner party arranged for the graduates and their parents.

Team Bridge heartily congratulates the graduates and wishes that you see success in all your future endeavours.


Reshma V

Along with Anirudh Nanduri

Reshma is a tech-savvy person who loves to explore gadgets. She is passionate about learning new languages. Being a movie buff, she also has exceptional talent in creative arts.