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Coimbatore Times Dec 9, 2017
A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one” ~ Aristotle
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Coimbatore, also known as the ’Manchester of South India’, is one of the few places that accommodates people from different cultures. While Mumbai is called the ‘City of Dreams’, Coimbatore can be safely called the ‘City that fulfils dreams’. It might not have the skyscrapers, coastline or the showbiz of the other cities, but the warmth of its welcome and the hospitality of its people is unparalleled. The city is filled with stories of entrepreneurial success, and has witnessed many eager and aspiring minds achieve fame. On having stared into the eyes of doom during the bombings of 1998 only to rise up with renewed vigor, one can say that the people of Coimbatore are unmatched in solidarity. This is one endearing quality possessed by people in this picturesque city that is often envied by others.

Coimbatore is surrounded by the Western Ghats and is close to the breathtaking scenic spots of Ooty and Coonoor, which are two places that filmmakers do not miss out on. It is also close to Tiruppur which is a major textile hub, contributing to 90% of the total cotton knit exports from India.

One might wonder what makes Coimbatore outshine the competition. First and Foremost, the people of this city are the main reason for the growth and recognition garnered by it. Coimbatore is not far behind Chennai in terms of culture and in fact, has a distinct cultural background. It is an amalgamation of the North and the South of India. It takes pride in acknowledging the fact that one never goes back home empty handed from Coimbatore and receives love and affection from natives, which it is widely renowned for. Coimbatore has a rich legacy and boasts of its efforts in maintaining its legacy by producing minds that continue to mark the city on the international scene and force people to take notice.

Visitors warmly welcomed at the Coimbatore Junction (Photo by M Periasamy (THE HINDU), No modifications)

Coimbatore has been known to be an industrialist’s paradise. Everything from raw material to potential international customers can be made available from the city. The humid weather coupled with the odd showers during the end of the year, gives us every reason to admire it. It is known to have inspired many rags to riches stories. It has famously hosted the ‘TAMIL SEMMOZHI MAANADU’ in 2010 which was intended to celebrate the Tamil tradition.

Deeply rooted between the coconut lagoons of Kerala, the lush green scenery of Pollachi and the intimidating hills of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore is an aggregate of all that nature has to offer. The city plays host to several premier academic institutions, which have been instrumental to the ever-increasing literacy level of this region.

Tourists  have a plethora of options on visiting Coimbatore:

Ooty and Coonoor : The spectacular beauty of these hills never ceases to amaze. The railway line from Mettupalayam to Coonoor, operated by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The train negotiates more than 200 curves, 250 bridges (including 30 viaducts) and 16 tunnels on its journey. To say the ride is simply “scenic”, would be a grave understatement. One can also immediately recall Shahrukh Khan dancing atop the train to “Chaiyya Chaiyya” in Dil Se.

Shah Rukh in iconic red shirt in the film ‘Dil Se’, shot at Coonoor (Photo taken from Chaiyya Chaiyya)

Ooty (Udhagamandalam), also referred to as the “Queen of Hills”, is known for its breathtaking beauty and widely regarded  a  paradise on earth, by many. The wintry chill in the air coupled with the brimming flora and fauna is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Pollachi: With wildlife sanctuaries and alluring landscapes aplenty, Pollachi is implicitly a filmmaker’s dream. It is also host to South India’s biggest marketplace and is renowned for jaggery, vegetables and cattle trade. Situated in the vicinity of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (previously known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary) and the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Pollachi is every adventurer’s fantasy.

ISHA Yoga: The foundation is headed by the nonchalant Sadhguru who has been a visionary in making it one of the most sought after places for people who prefer serenity and tranquillity, in order to achieve a peaceful state of mind. It brings you a chance to assess your inner self and makes you dismiss worldly happenings, and attain peace.

The bust of Lord Shiva, Isha Yoga Centre (Photo by lensmatter / CC BY-NC 2.0 )

The Botanical Garden at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU): The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has several laurels to its name- one of them is being amongst the country’s best Agricultural universities. With legacy of over a decade since its relocation in 1906 as an Agricultural College, TNAU is a paradise for its students, given its academic excellence and its breathtaking beauty. Its Botanical garden is spread over 300 acre and is a treat to the eyes of the beholders.

With all being said, the city recently celebrated its 213th birthday (fondly known as Coimbatore day – to mark the declaration of the then Coimbatore town as the district headquarters by the East India Company is the year 1806). To mark the occasion, several promotional campaigns were conducted and tourists were given a grand welcome at the junction.

A recently launched song marking the 213th birthday of the City (Photo Credit: Times Music)

One cannot fathom what Tamil Nadu or even India would be, without this beautiful city. Coimbatore brings out the best in you by inculcating what is needed to make you the best. This is hardly a tribute to Coimbatore, since it is implicitly a city “of its people, for its people and because of its people”.

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