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The Prophecy of Life

Miscellaneous Jul 16, 2023

“Heaven has appointed us dwellers on earth a time for all things”

- Odyssey by Homer

Our universe began with fire.

Or so the story goes. The Big Bang hypothesis as astronomers call it, was what created the stars, the moons, the cosmos and just matter in general. Although there is no proof of this happening nor any means to attain it, it has become a fact by collective acceptance. This is how our earth was created. However, it does raise the question- how did life come to be?

Adam and Eve, evolution, titans; there are several theories to this, each created by people with a distinctive ethos and varying ideologies. While theories based on science and facts provide a wide scope for our imagination, it is mostly myths and beliefs that provide us what we truly seek. Answers.

The Greek Mythology has some of the most widely known legends, heroes and gods of the world. It also has a tale of how earth and life exist as they do.

The story of Prometheus.

It starts around the time the light of Olympus was still shining down on us.

From clay, Prometheus moulded humans with his bare hands; a soul, a heart and dreams to fill it. We were empty vessels in need of someone to guide us, someone to be our master, a throne Prometheus was bound to sit on. For the sake of his creations, he stole from the heavens what was not his. Fire. He betrayed his sisters and brothers and gave us the gift of knowledge and a rightful place in the world. He did not realize that by stealing fire from the god of Olympus, he also seized the very light that once shined upon us.

He did not realize that what he once gave to us as a gift would later turn into our doom.

I have always wondered what went through Prometheus’ mind as he clutched the light in his grasp, descending from the heavens above and onto the land he gave us right to. Did he ever wonder how far humans would drift from the light he wielded in his hands? Did he pay mind to the drumbeats of war that followed his approach?

As payment for what he had done, he was sent far away. Far away so he could no longer see the light of his home, Olympus, but not far enough so he could still see what his creations had done with this gift. He heard the cries of war; he watched as humans destroyed and conquered.

With the knowledge humans had gained, they sought to seek more, learn more about everything around them. They wished to be the superior species and did everything to attain that title, not caring about the consequences or who paid the price for it. It was a chance they were willing to take. Life had become a game of survival where there could only be one winner. A radicalized detriment. A free fall through gravity with no destination.

Prometheus had seen it all and cried out to the skies in loss only to be returned by a void of silence.

We’ve drifted from the topic a bit. This was the tale of how life came to be, how our universe got life. The story of how one’s creation can be another’s destruction. What was destined to a man who gave up his own destiny to be a part of ours. Once again a question arises. If there is a beginning, there is bound to be an ending. If the universe came to be, how would it cease to be.

Although there were several theories about it all began, there is only one in every mythology about how it would all end. Our universe is destined to end as it once began.

With Fire.


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