Through the Eye of the Beholder

Sci Tech Oct 16, 2015
A sketch of the human eye (Eye by Neil Tackaberry/ CC BY-ND 2.0)

It is said that the eyes are the “windows” to the soul.  I believe it is the other way around too.  The eyes are the windows to the wonders of this world.  The human eye itself is a wonder, cleverly crafted to take in the breath-taking sights of nature.  All of us, at some point of time in school, would have studied the human eye and its working.  The first thought that struck me when I read of the many parts of the human eye – the lens, the pupil, the iris, the retina, the optic nerve and the liquids which clean the cornea is – “How is it so perfect? Like it was crafted, patented, tested, approved and released!”

Astonishing right?  But the sad thing is, like all things in nature, the eye too has a lifetime.  Once this period is over, problems like cataract and astigmatism peep into the picture.  Even before all this, minor problems like far-sightedness and near-sightedness pop up, making our eyesight faulty.  Wearing corrective spectacles and contact lenses, undergoing cataract surgery and using medicinal drops for the eye have become very common these days.

Whether it was evolution or God’s creation, the eye is a very important organ and sight an important sense.  As we have done over the ages, don’t we have to find a way to correct or improve or augment the human eye?  Well, good news!  A bio-friendly, fantastic, super-awesome technology is about to hit the markets soon!

The logo of Ocumetrics Technology Corp.

Bionic Lens TM , developed by Ocumetrics Technology Corp. will presumably be released in a couple of years.  The lens is a surgically-implantable one, the surgery being claimed to be a very short and painless one.  Once implanted, the lens is fully functional and there is no need to make changes anymore.

“What is the difference between a contact lens and this one?” you ask.  Well, there’s all the difference in the world.  Bionic Lens doesn’t just correct your eyesight, it improves it – by a LOT.  Once the lens is implanted, it provides 3 times the normal zoom, hence letting you see much farther away.

When cataract occurs, it doesn’t just cloud the eyes, it also releases toxic substances which may later lead on to glaucoma.  Since Bionic Lens is made of biocompatible polymeric materials, it does not harm the eye in any way, and none of these problem can occur.

Since the lens is like a replacement to our natural eye lens, the Bionic Lens is claimed to be able to cure certain types of blindness!  Isn’t that awesome?  And the best thing about this lens is, it does not degrade, even after many decades.  Thus, we will be able to see perfectly, even when we are old, even more than a hundred years of age!

Tests have been conducted and it is presumed that the product will be ready in a couple of years.  All we need to do is walk in, get the lens implanted and walk out, able to see all the wonderful things in this world even better.  The cost of the lens and surgery haven’t been announced though.  But that is a whole other matter.  Do you want to polish and redecorate the windows to your world?  I do!

Featured image credit: Contact lens on fingers by kuppa_rock/ Opacity changed, text added


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