To Infinity And Beyond: VERVE 2k15

On Campus Feb 12, 2015

Verve is a day-long fest conducted exclusively for first years by the English Literary Society. Sunday, the 8th of February saw some glorious charts on display, superbly executed plays, enthusiastic participation for events such as Potpourri, JAM and Dumb charades and happy faces of first years and volunteers alike. Here, are some of the best moments of Verve 2k15.

Verve, an annual exclusive event conducted exclusively for the first years
The theme of the event: INFINITY AND NOTHING
Students from Mechanical department explaining their art
Chart on the sub-theme Degrees of Freedom
Q&A sessions post chartfest presentations
A creative chart on the sub-theme palace of glass
Students showcasing their imagination
A whooping crowd of nearly 300 students cheering the participants
The MSc first year students enthralled the crowd with their chart on life of sigma
ELS volunteers who ensured that the show goes on


Sharat R Babu

Sharat R Babu is an avid reader and an active member of The English Literary Society. He loves listening to music and is a big fan of Tom Hanks. He is a huge football fan and is a movie buff.