To Strikers and Grandmasters

On Campus Jan 6, 2017

The first article in the series of sports teams of PSG Tech features the achievements and the ardour of the  football team and the chess masters of our college.

Meet the Football team of PSG Tech

It is the most popular game in the world (Sorry, cricket lovers!). Played between two teams, each consisting of eleven players, the game keeps both its players and viewers (and referees too!) on their toes for ninety minutes. It evokes several emotions that can be felt in their true essence only by the players. We got in touch with few football players of the PSG Tech team.

“The game is very demanding, both physically and emotionally. Fitness and endurance are the biggest assets a player must possess” said CHANDRANATHAN (B.E. MECH 2016-2020), a new addition to the team this year. “The transition from a school team to a college team has been amazing. I find vast differences in the style of playing between both”, he added.

Leading a bunch of enthusiastic lads is always a challenging task. “My seniors have built a strong team and guided me in the right way”, said MANIKANDAN (B.E. SW PRODUCTION 2013-2018), captain of the football team, humbly. “The team has never made me feel the pressure of a captain”, he credited his team.

“Football has taught me that there is no substitute for hard work. You cannot win matches overnight. It takes regular practice and a lot of discipline” told NITHYA PRASATH (B.E. ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION 2013-2017).

Balancing academics and sports is not an easy job. “Though engineering keeps us busy most of the time, we try to prioritize our academic and also get some timeout to play daily”, said NITHIN (B.E. SW MECH 2013-2018), the goalkeeper of the team. Talking about the pressure due to his position in the team, “I think every player in the team has a vital role. My role is to defend and I try to do my best”, admitted the young man.

The players have different idols like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Oliver Kahn; but when asked about who inspires them the most, “Our coach, Robin Sir”, they all shouted in unison. “He has changed the entire outlook of the team. Our team is incomplete without him” said the captain, gratitude evident in his voice. “He is undoubtedly the best coach we could ever ask for”, he agreed. “He is very encouraging and patient. I admire his training drills” added Chandranathan.

They have been promoted to the ‘A’ division recently and they look forward to doing well in the upcoming tournaments.

Winners of the Kumaraguru Inter-College Sports Fest -2016

The Master and his agile men


 “Chess is the gymnasium of the mind”   – Pascal

As few perceive, chess is not a mere board game. Rather, it is a serious sport that involves patience, mental will and a lot of practice. Played using a square board with a total of sixty four black and white squares by two players, chess is a game of strategy.

PSG Tech is a proud host of an able chess team. Team Bridge got in touch with the captain and the players. Excerpts:

“The game of chess is an excellent laboratory to explore our minds; it has every essence of life. It requires a lot of patience and presence of mind.” said ARJUN T.K.S (B.E. AUTOMOBILE, 2014-2018). BHAGVAND KAUSHIK (B.E. SW MECH 2013-2018), the proud captain of the men’s chess team agreed and added, “Chess makes thinking easier and improves your foresight in real life as well. It promotes objective thinking and helps in making quick decisions.”

On an average, the players meet and practice thrice a week. Apart from their regular practice hours, most of them play in their rooms, either with their boards or online. “Pre-board preparations are very essential before a match, to study the expectations of the opponents and to surprise them during the game” said AKSHAYA NANDAKUMAR (B.E. ECE, 2014-2018).
“During the tournaments that last for a few hours, our players stay composed and focused. Results don’t affect us much. We take one game at a time, try to analyze and make progress after every game“, disclosed the captain.

“The game is very close to my heart. The current team is my first team in the college and the members have been extremely supportive“, said EVANGELINE (B.E. SW EEE 2016-2021) “It was very exciting when I first represented the college. The tournament was pretty easy and the fact that I won makes it even more special”, she added with a grin. “I am planning to take part in the Commonwealth games once I graduate”, revealed Akshaya.

The game has indeed become the identity for the players in the college. Our young minds hope to stay connected to the game forever, by playing various tournaments at the regional and state front.

To our kings, queens and knights, hefty young men in football team and their incredible master, THE BRIDGE wishes the best for their future endeavors.

After a successful tournament at KCT

Winners and Runners of Zonals

Stay tuned to THE BRIDGE for more articles about the other sports team of PSG Tech.



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