What Teachers expect from Students

Feb 22, 2016

A survey that listens to the teachers’ voices.

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Teachers are our second parents. They play a fundamental role in every person’s life, lay the pavement for millions to tread on, guide the way holding the lights of wisdom through darkness. Their expectations from students are always altruistic and unconditional. Somewhere along the way, they have slipped our attention  and we have taken our faculty for granted and have failed to pay heed to their opinions. The academic process would only be most fruitful if mutual understanding prevails. So, how do we know what they expect from us? How do we live up to their expectations? Thus the survey…

Q: What is that one thing you miss from the students of the present generation?
A: Almost all of the teachers admitted that they missed a few significant qualities from the students (namely unity, humility and selflessness). However they agreed to the fact that students now possess more talent and skills and owing to the vast opportunities they get to stage their talents.

Q: Are hostelers any different from day-scholars in terms of interaction?
A: Most teachers replied that there is no significant behavioral difference, but a few claimed that hostelers are more open to adjustment and tend to mingle a lot easier than day-scholars. They also defended that day-scholars are slightly more humble and logical.
Q: While teaching, do you expect the students to be interactive or stay passive in class and ask doubts at the end?
A: A few teachers thought that their flow would be interrupted if the doubts and ideas were raised in the middle of lectures and that it would be better if they come up with ideas at the end. While another few believe that an interactive class received more benefits as the learning happens on both sides!

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Q: Do you find any difference in the communication of introverts due to class activities like presentations?
A: They replied that many such students are benefited by such activities. More such activities will make them learn to work as a team and make significant contribution to their behavioral modification.
Q:Do you think intelligence and grades are directly proportional?
A: (After a short crack of laughter) Most teachers agree that it need not be so. They suggest that if the concepts and logic are being understood, it can be said that the person is strong in the subject and the grades may or may not match. A person’s intelligence is not measured in terms of his subject knowledge and he/she may excel in any other field.
Q:Do you think gadgets are making students smarter?
A: All faculty seem to agree to the fact that gadgets are influencing the youngsters significantly, for good and for bad. They claim that not many use them productively. The goodness and the facilities available are mostly hidden behind the darker side, they admit. Though the world seems to have been shrunk and fits into the palms of the youth in the form of gadgets, their prolonged use curb their physical activities.
Q:Do you think students of today are physically fit and possess good stamina?
A: All of them admit that the youngsters today do not pay attention to their health and hence fail to stay fit. They advise that the students need to eat and stay healthy with regular meals and workouts.
And finally, we asked the teachers to rank specific topics on a scale of 10 (distinctively on the students of today). And the chart below shows the average of the ratings..

Chart of ratings

Out of the ten factors identified, ‘staying updated’ gets the maximum score. All the faculty surveyed, agree that the students are very keen on being future ready. In this process, they seemed to have lost track of time and have the least score for punctuality.
Our faculty rate us slightly above average on all other factors such as academic interest, desire to learn, attentiveness, interaction, dressing sense, humility, helpfulness and fitness. Thank you all teachers for the generous rating and also for reminding us of our shortcomings! We will try to work on these. Right away!!!
After all,
Teachers make other professions possible! 


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