WOOTZ - Talents Solidified

On Campus Mar 14, 2015

Wootz is back on its wheels! Wondering what Wootz is? To get you all know about it, I need to take you back to the 3rd BC. The Mughals used the famous DAMASCUS sword, considered to be the best of all swords in those days, to slay down the westerners. The original Damascus sword was made from the ingots of Wootz steel, imported from India. The name Wootz came from the word “Urukku” (“Melt” in Tamil) or “Ukku” (“Melt” in Telugu). The Tamilians of Chera dynasty were the pioneers in the production of Wootz steel, the finest so far.

Histories apart, make your visit to PSG College of Technology on the 14th and 15th of March this year, to know what Wootz is to the students of Metallurgy (shortly, Metly) who organize a two day National Level Technical Symposium every year since 2009.

While figuring out the building blocks of metals
With the previous year’s invitees
Interaction with alumni

Carrying the pride of 5 successful years, we are now in the process of printing the pages of the 6th edition of Wootz. Wootz’6 is that ferry that is designed to sail you through the vast ocean of metallurgy. The techno extravaganza promises a gamut of lectures and a series of mind-boggling events for you to prove your prowess.

The events are surely going to enthrall you!

1)  CULL OUT: Go out for a materials’ hunt. Use any kind of reference and bring back the most appropriate material for a given component.

2)  PROBE INTO THE PROB: Are you the tough engineer who solves real engineering problems? Try solving what we have for you.

3)  METALLOGRAPHY: Get to have a look at the inner microstructures of various metals under microscopes.

4)  METLY-WIZARD: Prove that you are an out of the box thinker. Answer all the questions that we shall shoot at you. (Not from your textbooks, of course!)

5)  ROOT A BUG: Find the black spot on a white paper. Find the defective spots on a given component and try to root it out.

6)  SHUTTER BUG: The photography contest! Study the metals around you. Observe their uniqueness and send snaps that reflect your perspective.

7)  TECHNICAL DEBATE: Talk your mind out on the most viral topics.

8)  PRESENTATIONS: Abstracts for papers and posters are welcomed. You are free to choose your own topics in metallurgy, material science and mechanical domains.

9)  WORKSHOPS ON NDT: This workshop includes 3 seminars by eminent professors and industrialists, which will cover the basics of NDT and lab demonstrations.

If you are metallurgist, you will gain a lot of experience in a span of two days. In case you are not, you will get to know what Metallurgy is and how it influences your field of work. We assure you that the two full days in Wootz’6 will make your talents solidify to peaks. Visit http://wootz6.psgtech.ac.in/. Take part in the fiesta. Don’t miss out.


Haripria T P

Haripria is an enthusiastic girl who is inquisitive in learning new things every day. She has a keen interest in wildlife and enjoys nature.