Drawing parallels between the movie and reality        

By Aadhav Krishna (B.E Computer Science Engineering, 2017- 2021)

As global security becomes a contentious issue from various perspectives, groups of nations sign treaties to be amenable to one other on one hand. However, on the other hand, they hold mistrust in the other by setting up newer armed forces wings and empowering the existing ones more than needed! The ingenious men with big buttons on their desks that are capable of producing fireworks that can put Deepavali to shame want more “surveillance” and “control”. And they want them in outer space as well- as if land, air and sea are not already divided and demarcated, posing various psycho-diplomatic and pseudo-warface tensions. Aren’t there enough worries already to pull our hairs out?

Mistrust, suspicion and eventual paranoia- all generated by the information we hear, read, and choose to believe: the “breaking news” and the “trends”. Every analyst, journalist and reporter worth their salt (even the nosy next-door lady) tell us information without credible sources. Our news media are either loaded with scams, horrors and gut wrenching tales or with trivial gossips.

Let us sample the top news threads of consequence over the past few months:

Bank frauds and scams worth more than our Casio calculators can comprehend.
Societal dirt sullying the purest buds in the garden of our society.
Hankering for credit over good deeds done only in their claims.
Celebration of controversial people who are stars ;thanks to things no one will ever be proud of. 
(Not you,the other Kim, and not you either, the eerily similar to hunger games house that’s big and bossy and oh, definitely not you, Lipgloss Stormimom)

But Global warming, anyone? Our everyday life is comfortably cocooned in the triviality of our routine. It leaves us with no time, emotional availability or intellectual space to ponder over the news and to try rationalising our doubts (and fears).

Journalism has become a mechanical process of listing out our worst nightmares thereby confirming the society’s being on the highway to hell.

Let us talk about the recent incident when Australian, Thai, British, American, nay fellow humans took it upon themselves to navigate through the treacherous jagged caves to reach out to the twelve young football players and their two coaches. Despite the threatening waters and decreasing oxygen levels, hope was not lost but was rather found. This is a slightly altered version of one of Mission Impossible’s plots from the annals of The Goodness of Today.

Agencies belonging to various nationalities scrambled to get the boys out of the murky waters forgetting their difference of nationalistic colours, their egos and diplomatic procedures. Surprisingly, no diplomat wanted to release press statements, and state their “noble” intent and how they feel they owe it to humanity. Instead, they swiftly got into action. The target united them all, not without a fair share of drama from the American corporate. It was quite an elongated affair but the job was done in the end.

Though the issue has been extensively covered, we take the pleasure in navigating you through this feat. A junior Thai football team (Wild Boars) was stranded in one of the connecting chambers of the caves in the flooding season. With their escape routes cut out, supplies dwindling, and contact with the outside world gallons of threatening water away, they chose to show compassion to one another. Most of those boys are “illegal” immigrants, thanks to minority persecution. The coaches, themselves being shy of 25, gave up their share of food so that their wards could have enough. They meditated so that more energy would not be expended and the young tigers would not feel the pressure. By the time external help came, communicating in a common tongue was a problem and they found a hero in another of those “immigrants” who conversed with the British experts. After some of the best divers had assessed the situation to be critical and a week of this bitter confinement, the world started taking notice. People united to pray to their revered deities; atheists hoped and pragmatists egged on.

As extraction was going to be difficult, reconnaissance was conducted in the site and the best in the business, from the Down Under to the great western lands, huddled up and put themselves out. A noble retired navy officer lost his life on his way back after setting up oxygen tanks for the boys. SpaceX and the Boring company came up with designs for safety pods exclusively designed for the boys, even after it was made clear that it would not help. They kept offering the same again and making sure everyone knew about it; so that they will know whom to vote for in the favourite hero categories in the next Raspberries. Such heroism!

After nearly two weeks of this traumatic imprisonment by nature, the Wild Boars were rescued in the nick of time; battered but firm. The families of the Boars did not hold the coaches responsible for the misadventure whilst the coaches were redefining selflessness. They seemed to hold themselves responsible for the boys’ safety. A global outpour of support like this wasn’t seen in recent history. For a change, borders were erased and unity was forged. It was more than the positive outcome we had hoped for.

With so many identities like nationality, ethnicity, race, caste, and language, we fail to realise that we are all part of the same group: humans. The film ‘Fallout’ keeps harping on that “there cannot be peace without, first, a great suffering and the greater the suffering, the greater the peace”. We seem to have taken it quite seriously. We can’t wait for distress and tragedy to unite us.

But we don’t have to shed tears every time. We can start celebrating the goodness out there. True happenings aren’t as cheery as they used to be, but we still have a great deal of positivity to find around us to soak in, to acknowledge and to spread. Many such inspiring events take place everywhere, everyday but we just don’t report them all! Simply put, there is unquantifiable goodness out there! We can afford to lose our hawkish attitude and let loose.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it: is to try making the best of everything and smile more, for that’s what we all want at the end of the day- to be at peace with ourselves. Else it’s fallout.

On a parallel narrative, while reality seems to be busy choosing the most somber colours for our lives, Ethan Hunt’s latest adventure was grab-your-tickets-and-go-watch-this-now epic.

Author’s Space:

Aadhav Krishna S

I believe in a war of words to solve anything. And I love to smile, no matter what(even if it seems creepy at times).

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