Radio Hub

To provide an “Era of Techians On Air” by sharing various factual and technical bits of in-formation.

Radio is the most common platform for mass media as it is quoted as the ‘theatre of mind’. The community radio gives voice at the grass roots level for social and economic development. The radio hub of PSG College of Technology works in association with the PSG Community Radio. It has eight panels like Radio jockey, production, pre-production, recording, creativity, administration and cinematography. The team as a whole works together for different jobs and it motivates and encourages people. It provides a great platform to learn many things and improve professional skills.

The recruitment marks the beginning of every year’s event in Radio Hub with a successful and grand start. Talented and passionate people are always remembered and rewarded.

The RJ HUNT held every year as a part of INTRAMS is a striking event among many colourful events. The best speakers of the college come together on a common platform to sparkle their talents in the grand stage and win the prestigious title.

Radio Hub is always eager to give wings to the talents and this event satisfied the hunger of many talented Techians. The auditions for this scintillating event showcase its’ varied beauty with talents from mimicry, dancing, etc to the most unique and rarely attempted talents including songs in different languages, solving the rubix cube as quick as possible, etc.

Radio Hub of PSG College of Technology takes pride in joining hands with the Amateur radio club, Coimbatore to bring the joy of HAM Radio to the student community of PSG Tech.An exhibition was conducted on 02/12/2016 at the quadrangle to spread the wonder HAM Radio can do, as a hobby. The excellence of the HAM Radio in various fields was also demonstrated. This initiative was taken up by the Radio Hub with support of the eminent people from the Coimbatore Amateur Radio Club (CARC).

PSG Super Singer proves to be the flagship event of Radio Hub by continually being the most awaited event in the college. This event uncovers the hidden voices of fellow techians and pro-vides them a platform to scale greater heights.