Tamil Mandram

Tamil mandram is a literary club to promote the interest in learning Tamil and to provide a forum for people to exhibit their talents in the language and to help them use it for the benefit of society.

Tamil Mandram: This is one of the oldest clubs of our college started by the honorable GRD himself. Since then Tamil mandram has been rendering it’s tireless service to the language. Tamil mandram is a unique gathering which strives to be more than just a literary club. Like other clubs,we also do have male and female secretaries and executives,to excise the duties. We also publish a yearly magazine called NAANGAM TAMIL, in which we exhibit the creations of both teachers and students. We conduct various competitions and events ,to promote the language and to help people cherish and value Tamil’s greatness. The winners of these competitions are awarded in the valedictory function . Tamil mandram is a literary club, yet unique and has prosperously executed it’s duty of enhancing the importance of tamil and has been the pride of PSG tech.

1.Intrams debate : In this, two teams of 4 members each debate on a thought provoking topic

2.Saaral vizha : It’s a two days event where we conduct different events like elocution, essay,thirukural etc.

3.Sugavanam Pechu Poti :It is a speech competition conducted every year in the memory of Sugavanam.

4.Naangam tamil: It’s the release of our annual magazine Naangam tamil.