Tamil Mandram

Tamil Mandram is the gathering of the like-minded people who have a common passion for the prestigious tamil language.This clubs ensures to bring out the talents in their fellowmates in the language and show case it out to the world.And also to convey the message to enhance the progress of the society.

This is one of the primeval clubs of our college started by the honorable GRD himself. Since then Tamil mandram has been rendering it’s tireless service to the language. Tamil mandram is a unique gathering which strives to be more than just a literary club. We do have male and female secretaries and executives,to excise the duties. We also publish a yearly magazine , NAANGAM TAMIL, to showcase the creations of both teachers and students of psg tech. We conduct various competitions and events ,to promote the language and to help people cherish and value Tamil’s greatness. The winners of these competitions are awarded in the valedictory function . Tamil mandram is a literary club, yet unique and has prosperously executed it’s duty of enhancing the importance of tamil and has been the pride of PSG tech.

1. Intrams Debate:
This is prestigious event of Tamil Mandram.It has always been the starting event of college’s cultural fest – Intrams.Here we bring in the classic orators of the entire PSG family to debate on the two visionaries of a common controversy.

2. Saaral vizha :
This is an compilation of the various ever green competition which brings in the various esteemed assests of tamil language ie, thirukural poti(compedition) , kavithai (poetry) poti , katturai (essay) poti, and pesu (elocution) poti .The above competitions are given a new colour and projected exclusively for the first years.

3. Sugavanam Pechu Poti:
This is next biggest event of Tamil Mandram. This is asearch of the best tamil elocutionist of PSG-Tech family. This is held every year in remembrance of Mr.Sugavanam.

4. Aasiyaar Thinam Patti Mandram:
This event brings out the talent of our professors to light where our professors debate on a common contorversy.This is held every year to glorify our Teacher’s Day Celebration.

5. Naangam tamil:
Tamil Mandram always takes the prestige to honour the creators (of any art form) of PSG-tech.It collects all the Out of Box Creation of those people, gathers them and publishes it in its yearly Magazine “Naangam Tamil”.This also forms the valedictory of the oldest club of tech,Tamil Mandram.
S.Srivignesh 4th Year Mechanical Department
Hari Priya N 4th Year Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Office Bearers:

M.Azeez Mohideen 4th Year Electronics and Communication Engineerring
G.Duvaragaselvan 4th Year Electronic and Electrical Engineering(SW)
R.sankaranarayanan 4th Year Mechanical Department
S.Deepak Arumugam 3rd Year Electronic and Electrical Engineering
V.Jagadeeshwaran 3rd Year Computer Science and Engineering
T.keerthi 3rd Year Electronics and Communication Engineerring
K. Manthiravalli 3rd Year Information Technoology
M.Naveenkumar 3rd Year Electronic and Electrical Engineering
B.Ramya 3rd Year Biotechnology Engineering
S.Madhumitha 2nd Year Information Technoology

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