Adopting Sustainability with Mrudula Joshi

Jul 6, 2022

Ms. Mrudula Joshi is the founder of Ullisu, a comprehensive platform that helps one adopt a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle.

After her talk on Sustainable living at TEDxPSGTECH, 2022, we sat down with her to get more of her insights on the current scenario of the movement.

She felt the TEDx talk was nerve-wracking since it has been a while since she talked to a big audience, But still, she was relieved when she noticed her talk has touched people's hearts, as after her talk she got a lot of responses from people who felt inspired. She then talked about her experience of learning and going through her time so far in her zero-waste lifestyle. She took it upon herself to use means like social media to ignite people to change their perspective to throw light on the one important thing society ignores - the environment. She also said it was a lonely journey at the start, to search for ways to spread and highlight the importance of the lifestyle she desires society to have. Her vision for Ullisu and its future lies in appreciation,  support, and dedication.

She says "A lot of people have eco-anxiety when they start going sustainable, and their passion for their efforts goes down after a while. So they need some structured guidance that they can hold on to and to help them persevere their lifestyle for a long time". She also helped publicize apps like Tummoc, which makes transport easier and more efficient, and also helps reduce the effect vehicle transport has on the environment. She believes creating a demand for such economical services will help change people's decision on using vehicles that harm the atmosphere instead.

An important part of her  motive, being an influencer, is that she will not promote any apps that are high-carbon in nature but instead promote sustainable products and apps that are both realistic and eco-friendly. She also has a great interest in harvesting compost, which helps grow the plants naturally with household wastes. She encourages people to use their household wastes to make compost and grow plants, this will also inspire future generations to recognize the importance of plants and their positive effect on the environment. Any movement to make a change in the world may start alone but doesn't end alone.

She goes on to talk about her team, who always stayed true to their cause and act on the cause with unity and passion. She feels lucky to have a team that has always supported her, in her journey of making a blog page into an E-commerce that changes lifestyles. Even during the time of the pandemic, They have worked remotely to enhance their work. When asked about the future of Ullisu, she says her short-time goal is to bring in investors who also like to support Ullisu with resources and ideas to influence society better.  This encourages people to help reduce the carbon footprint and waste production, scientifically. She also thinks that Climate change is an existing problem but this zero-waste lifestyle could help make the change humans need and also reduce the humans' dependence on Fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

And the ultimate goal is to make sure Ullisu isn't just an E-commerce company, but a movement to help change the society and environment for the better.

We thank the GLF for its support in making this interaction possible.


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