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Alumni Jul 2, 2015

That pleasure which you experience after having a conversation with a person belonging to your stream is awesome! Here is an article on Mr. KAVIN K K (B.E Mechanical Engineering,-2007-2011) Kavin K K, a Trichy born guy, passed out of PSG College of Technology to work in an MNC, John Deere. He is currently doing his MS in Industrial Engineering at Oklahoma State University, US. Besides academics, he is a professional badminton player who has bagged the Men’s singles championship title at Oklahoma.

Q. Being a Mechanical graduate, what is your opinion about the Industrial stream?

Initially, I looked at Industrial Engineering as a field with a limited scope in terms of the knowledge that one gains and the responsibility that one might shoulder at workplace. After spending almost a year in the industrial stream, I have a completely different opinion now. A lot of Mathematics involving Statistics and the strategies that one needs to follow, makes the field interesting. Ultimately, one may end up using a lot of statistical tools and techniques to make right decisions given a scenario to act upon.

Q. What do you feel about studying at universities abroad, and specifically at Oklahoma State University?

‘Exposure’ is the main feature that one acquires by pursuing higher education abroad. Not every university abroad is good in terms of research works and job scenarios. One should invest a lot of time in getting to know about different universities before filling out the application forms.

That one thing which needs to be mentioned about Oklahoma State University is that it has the largest Students’ Union in the world. As an Industrial engineering student, I personally feel that the course work for Industrial Engineering is pretty good. The concept of ‘Last minute exam preparations’ will definitely never work out for a Master’s programme. I had to plan my everyday schedule and learn to manage conflicting tasks in a smarter way.

Q. Can you please share a few words about your job experiences at John Deere?

Being a Multi National Company, John Deere had everything that could be offered to a college graduate. I gained good product knowledge, shop floor experience and problem solving techniques through various enterprise tools that were available. I was also fortunate enough to get a chance to visit the Tractor Manufacturing Facility at Iowa, USA for a brief period on short term assignment. That experience helps me a lot in understanding various Industrial Engineering subjects that I am currently studying in the Master’s programme.

Q. Having won the Badminton men’s singles title at Oklahoma State University, what do you feel about the game? What are the other games that draw your interest?

I have been playing badminton since my 5th grade. I have always loved the sport from my childhood and the moment of victory at the tournament will stay in my heart forever. Winning Boys singles category in Trichy district’s Badminton tournament is another memory that will stay etched. I’m also interested in Tennis and Basket ball.

Q. Having been a member of the PSG Tech sports club, what do you feel about the sports department of PSG Tech?

I served as the captain of PSG Tech Badminton team during 2009-10 and 2010-11. The sports department is very active and supportive to students. I would like to extend my special thanks to the staff members who have always encouraged us sparing their time.

Q. Can you recall some of the best moments at PSG Tech that are close to your heart?

Hostel life at PSG was the best part of my life. Various college fests, especially INTRAMS and the badminton court will stay glued in my heart forever. I don’t remember a single day at PSG Tech when I missed my badminton practice sessions.

Q. What are your future plans?

I want to get into a logistics company after my graduation, and learn the nuances in Supply chain industry.

Q. Few words to the student community:

First of all, I wish all the very best to all the students at PSG Tech for their futures. My advice to you guys is to make the best use of technology available to widen your spectrum of knowledge.

Team BRIDGE wishes Mr. Kavin K K all success in his endeavours.


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