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Poetry Dec 24, 2014

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I travel like a ship,

In and out of it.

I travel in a plane or ship,

This makes a perfect fit.


I go to huts and chateaus,

Including fens and glens.

I go to southern plateaus,

To be read by wise and fumble men.


Around the world in eighty days,

And that’s what they often say.

For I go in different ways,

By hoarding in the bay.


I am awaited by one and all,

From a granny stitching a purl,

To a boy with a satchel,

For I am as good as pearl.


I knock at the doors,

Then I fling myself in.

I rush across the floor,

Until I am safe in.


Vaishali S

Vaishali is a voracious reader, passionate artist and math lover. She loves to code and write her own poems. She is a die hard movie fan who would willingly watch a movie even in Greek and Latin.

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